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Maastricht: beer capitol of the Netherlands! | 06 juni 2017

Did you know that Maastricht is also called the beer capital of The Netherlands? Maastricht has a rich history of beer breweries and beer cafés. This history is still present in the atmosphere of the city, which is best described as ‘gezellig’. A word that’s hard to translate, but is a combination of the words, cosy, hospitable and fun.

The city centre is filled with cafés and bars that serve specialty beers. In other words: beers with flavours or artisan beers from the highest quality from small breweries. Even the food is matched to the beer and the atmosphere in these cafés is very pleasant. Warm, communal, cosy are words best used to describe these places. Make sure to pay one of the cafés a visit during your study in Maastricht!

A few places to visit when you love beer

The cafés below are must-visits when you are into the beer culture of Maastricht. They give you a taste of the real Maastricht atmosphere, which the city is famous for.

De Gouverneur

De Gouverneur (literally: the Governor) is a Belgian inspired beer café in the city centre of Maastricht. De Gouverneur is housed in an old brewery, a building with a rich beer history. They offer 250 different types of beer and also serve lunch and dinner. A must-visit when you love beer and want to soak up the typical Maastricht atmosphere.

Café Falstaff

Café Falstaff is another typical beer café in Maastricht. It’s what Dutch people call a ‘bruin café’ (literally: brown café), something you really have to experience. A ‘bruin café’ is a café with a dark, slightly outdated interior. This may sound odd, but it adds to the typical atmosphere these cafés have. A must try at Café Falstaff: ‘de super mega bierplank’. This is a beer tasting menu that comes with a board full of delicious snacks!

‘t Pothuiske

‘t Pothuiske is the third café we recommend when you want to get a taste of the beer culture of Maastricht. The café has the typical Maastricht atmosphere and serves many types of specialty beers. The friendly staff and the nice menu (with all types of small bites to share) make ‘t Pothuiske a wonderful place to spend a sunday afternoon!

Beer breweries in Maastricht

Maastricht used to be famous for its in city breweries. Unfortunately almost all of the breweries in the centre of the city disappeared. Lucky for us a new trend emerged: microbreweries. Small breweries that brew beer in small batches. One of those breweries is housed in The Beer Capital of The Netherlands: Brouwerij Klinker. The beer from Brouwerij Klinker is served and sold in multiple spots in Maastricht. You should definitely give it a try during your study at the Hotelschool in Maastricht.

Take a tour at Brouwerij Bosch

Want to learn more about the history of beer in Maastricht? Take a tour to an old-fashioned beer brewery! Every saturday Brouwerij Bosch organizes group tours. In the tour a guide tells you everything about the beer history of Maastricht and the process of brewing beer.

Beer festivals

Haven’t got enough from beer yet? Maastricht is also the home of a beer festival: Kannen en Kruiken. The festival offers a great combination of beer (and wine), food and entertainment. Discover all kinds of beers from microbreweries from all over the world and submerge yourself in the great atmosphere that Maastricht has to offer!

Not into beer at this moment? Favour a coffee instead? Check out the best coffee bars in Maastricht!

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