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Mind the Millennials! | 05 februari 2018

Mind the Millennials: A Hotel Management School Maastricht study for Hilton EMEA

On Friday 2 February, the project ‘Millennials in the Hotel Industry’ was presented at Hilton Schiphol Airport by six fourth-year students from Hotel Management School Maastricht. The study, commissioned by mrs Jolijn Zeeuwen on behalf of Hilton EMEA, investigated the wants and needs of Millennials as employees and consumers and provided Hilton with advice on the implications for its human resources and marketing policy. The report was presented to Jolijn Zeeuwen, GM of Hilton Schiphol Airport, Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, Senior VP Operations Europe, and a number of senior executives calling in from the corporate head office in Watford. They were pleased with the report and the recommendations that tuned in with and confirmed some of the policies that Hilton is currently considering and planning to appeal even more to Millennial guests and employees. Hilton is fully aware that some of the characteristics of Millennials are subject to maturation, but some are enduring. However tuning in to Millennials should not lead to alienating previous generations who are still alive and kicking in the workforce, such as Generation X. Job labeling for instance, new snappy names that re-brand traditional functions, could alienate older generations and Hilton is fully aware of this. The students ended with a concrete call for Hilton to commission the next project: GenZ is now entering the hotel management schools!

Top row, left to right:  Jolijn Zeeuwen, Celine in het Veld, Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, Tessa Krijnen, Youri Luimes and Myanou Claassen

Bottom row: Eleni Stolaki and Lilian Vijver

 Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, an avid social media user posts an Apple clip of the project on Instagram

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