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Number 1 student's favourite campus spot | 21 juni 2017

Is it the park, sports field, restaurant or bar? We asked our students about their favourite campus spot. As you might know the Hotel Management School in Maastricht is situated in a wonderful old park. And that’s quite unique! Being students we figured the bar would definitely be a favourite place to be. However most students prefer another hot spot: the fields!

Fields are number one spot

The green surroundings of Hotelschool Maastricht are definitely favourable by a lot of students:

“My favourite spot on the campus are the fields behind the ‘Geul’ flat and ‘Kanjel’ flat. Especially in summer. It is nice to be able to sit outside and have a drink.”

“I liked the yards. We had picnics and drinks on the fields.”

“Besides my own room, which was nice and cosy, I liked the fields very much. We sat there a lot throughout the summer.”

“I like the yards best. Especially in the summer when you can enjoy the sun while you are doing your homework. The park is great for relaxing and picnics.”

Ampitryon terrace

The student association home of Amphitryon is also located on the campus. The building has a terrace facing the old castle of the Teaching Hotel. Another favourite spot:

“I liked the terrace behind Amphitryon a lot. Here we could have a drink and socialize.“

“During the spring months, the field next to the campus and the bar of Amphitryon were the favourite spots for my friends and me.”

Entire campus

On campus everything you need is just a few steps away. The park not only includes the student association home but also the (first year) student flats, education building with bar and restaurant, Teaching Hotel and sports field. You can read more about campus life as a first year student in our blog Live on campus.

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