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Our practicals are a blast! | 09 mei 2017

Our practicals are a blast

Courses at the Hotel Management School Maastricht have a practical focus. We’ll help you to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable you to carry out practical assignments both inside and outside the school.

Marie Laure Devigne from France, first year student at Hotel Management School Maastricht: “Plenty of nationalities are present in the program, e.g. Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and lots more! Even though it can be tough to be an international, it is a great experience for the future international workplace. Another great thing about the school is that we are not only studying out of books, but apply the theories in our practicals (which are a blast!).”

Maté Toth from Hungary tried another country first. He’s glad she ended up in The Netherlands: “I’ve moved here from Hungary. I was studying in Malta for a year, however, I found out that that was not for me. When I moved here, it was a different feeling. I really enjoy it here.

The course is fascinating along with the combination of practicals. We have to study hard, yet, we get to have more freedom and the practicals are a great thing. We use our theory in practice and get graded on how hard we work. This makes us work more like a professional.”

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