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Personal favorites, by and for students… | 15 augustus 2019

As a student in Maastricht there are hundreds of cafes you can go to. Of course, all these cafes are different. You can either study, have a drink or enjoy a delicious lunch. In this blog Danielle Vink and Veerle Verbruggen, students at Hotel Management School Maastricht, will tell you about their favorite hotspots for students in Maastricht!

Study at Preps

To start with, and to stay in the exam atmosphere, Preps is a nice small cafe where you can study for school. There is a lot of natural light, with quiet background music and you can order small healthy snacks. So, all the factors for an afternoon studying for school are present!

Our favorite cafe

Furthermore, there are many nice lunch spots to be found in this beautiful city. Our favorite is Wycker Cabinet, located in the old part of Maastricht. Here they have a lovely changing menu with vegetarian dishes, but also dishes such as oysters. There are lots of young and enthusiastic staff working with whom you can have a nice chat. I've never seen anyone there who's working in a grumpy manner before.

Drinks with friends

There are also many cafes where you can have a drink with friends. We have quite a few favorites: De Gouveneur, Wycker Cabinet and Cafe Sjiek. But our number one favorite café is Cafe Cinq. Here you can have a nice drink at the Maas, enjoy the last rays of sunshine from the terrace, while watching the sun set behind the church. In short, a wonderful place to go with your friends!

Maastricht has a wide range of different cafes. It will be nice to hear the experiences of fellow students about new cafes. Since last month Cafe Lure has been opened after a total renovation, hopefully we can visit it soon! Will we see you there?

Have you discovered the newest hotspot in Maastricht? Please share and let us know!

Credits: Danielle Vink and Veerle Verbruggen, 2nd year students at Hotel Management School Maastricht

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