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Practical issues and MUST HAVES for international students! | 28 mei 2019

Are you an international student and soon starting your studies at Hotel Management School Maastricht? Looking forward to spending a year on our beautiful campus? Be sure to be well prepared for the start of this new adventure!

To help you we put together a list of items you’re likely to need. Besides that, we came up with a list of MUST HAVES that will make you feel at home really quickly.


Passport and visa

It might be quite obvious, but please don’t forget to bring your passport and Visa. Check before you leave that you’ve got the documents with you, and keep them in a safe place during your travels.

Inform city council of your move to Maastricht

Are you moving from outside the Netherlands (and will you be staying here for more than 4 months)? For students who move to the Netherlands during August, September or February, there will be special register sessions. Please contact the university or your school for more information. Students who move to the Netherlands during another month must register directly at the GemeenteLoket (Municipal Service Desk). Please contact carol.steijnen@zuyd.nl of the international office of Hotel Management School Maastricht if you need any assistance. And don't forget to open a bank account.

Apply for OV (public transport)

You will probably want to discover not only Maastricht, but also the rest of the Netherlands. With the student travel product you can travel free or at a discount with public transport. You can opt for a weekly or weekend subscription.


Students generally need little care. That is why basic insurance is often sufficient, although not for everyone. Therefore, also look carefully at your health insurance. As a student you may get compensation for health insurance, be sure to check what applies to you.


Be sure to bring a laptop as you will definitely need one during your studies.

Travel adapter

Bring along an adapter plug for any electronic equipment you are planning to bring along. Check beforehand what type of plugs you will need as this may vary from country to country. In the Netherlands the power sockets are of type C and F.


Clothing rack

The cupboard in your room on campus is not that big and you will probably bring plenty of clothes! A clothing rack can then be really handy.


The Dutch just love their ham and cheese toasty’s and they are just perfect for a snack.


Although it rains quite a lot in the Netherlands, it can get really hot in summer as well. Most houses in the Netherlands don’t have air conditioning so a fan can be quite useful.

Something from home

You might get a little homesick in the beginning so be sure to bring some pictures from home and your family. They will make you feel more at home and make your room a welcoming place to stay.

Coffee machine

No one can do without a cup of coffee in the morning!

Netflix and Spotify

To watch your favorite series and listen to you own music.


The best way to move around in Maastricht is by bike. Be sure to try a Swapfiets. For a fixed amount per month you can get a Swap bike. Swapfiets ensures that your bike will always work.


Rain coat and umbrella

Be sure to bring a raincoat and an umbrella. After all - it is the Netherlands!

Be sure to check our homepage if you want to know more about studying at Hotel Management School Maastricht and if you want to find out about fun things to do in Maastricht, read our monthly blog!

A big thank you to our international student Lydia Chelaram from Dubai for her input!

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