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Practicals in the Teaching Hotel | 18 september 2017

Do you have any experience in working in a hotel? If not, don’t worry: Hotelschool Maastricht has its own unique Teaching Hotel where students have their first year practical. You can work as a housekeeper, receptionist or manager or work in the restaurant or kitchen.

Some brief reactions of students who already did their Teaching Hotel practical:

How was your practical at the Teaching Hotel?

“As a student of Hotelschool Maastricht you have to do your first year practical in Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem. This is a hotel where actual guests come. Students check in the guests, clean their rooms and cook and serve their meals. It really gives you an insight of what it’s like to work in a hotel.”

“The biggest advantage of Hotelschool Maastricht is the combination of practice and theory. This starts in the first half year of school. Next to my normal lessons I had practical weeks at school and in the Teaching Hotel. The hotel offers a good learning environment.”

“I think working in the Teaching Hotel is an important aspect of the study. It’s helpful to experience what all the work involves before you can manage it. During your practical you get to know the different departments of a hotel. Furthermore you learn how to work with different personalities and to supervise other students for the first time.”

“I found the practical at the Teaching Hotel very useful. I actually used everything I learned before. It keeps me motivated during studying and comes in handy for the internships!”

“Actually practice what I’ve learned at school makes the information in class a lot easier to understand. It’s better than just learn the theory.”

“We prepared for the practical in the Teaching Hotel in class. Afterwards we had to make a test or write a report. During these practical weeks we could put our theory into practice and that worked.”

What is the most important thing you’ve learned?

“Handle different personalities. You experience positive and negative aspects of the job, and you are the one who has to manage it. I also learned that it’s really hard work. To be a supervisor is even harder.”

“The most important skill that I’ve developed when working in the Teaching Hotel is managing people. I was a shift leader in the restaurant and I had to manage my classmates. I didn’t have experience with this. During my practical week I was properly supervised in order to get the best out of myself.“

“The most important thing I’ve learned while working in The teaching Hotel: being able to delegate tasks. Often I feel the urge to do everything myself because I like doing things my way. During the practical weeks I learned that it’s impossible to do so.”

”Definitely: learning to deal with annoying classmates that didn’t listen to me!”

”It’s good to learn about all the tasks in the different positions. You also learn to work together with your fellow students.”

”The most important competences I gained working in the Teaching Hotel is kitchen knowledge and knowledge about supervising a team. Before this I didn’t have much experience with supervising.”

What kind of work did you do at the Teaching Hotel?

”I worked as a supervisor in the kitchen, and as an employee in the restaurant, front office and housekeeping.”

”I worked as a manager and as the shift leader at the front office.”

”During my practical weeks I worked as a host and housekeeper.”

“I worked in the housekeeping and in the front desk, just as an employee (no manager/supervisor).”

“During the weeks in the Teaching Hotel I worked in the kitchen, front desk and housekeeping. And I worked as a shift leader in the restaurant.”

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