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Ready or not, here I come Amsterdam | 26 februari 2019

Module 3 student Lydia Chelaram about her path to her internship in Amsterdam!

The excitement is building up!

Every day that passes by, is one day closer to my internship. The excitement continues to build up and at this point, feels like it’s never going to end.

My name is Lydia Chelaram and I am a module 3 international student from Dubai. I decided to do my internship in Amsterdam. I know, you might be thinking why Amsterdam and not abroad? Little did you know, Amsterdam is one of the biggest and most famous cities in Europe. Since I’ve come from Dubai, I want to take this opportunity I have to work in Amsterdam. It’s truly a dream come true for me.

Why Amsterdam?

I’ve visited Amsterdam many times during the weekends as my friends would go home. It’s absolutely beautiful and historical. I don’t want to leave the Netherlands without having the chance to work here. I had the whole of summer to think about my internship destination and hotel choice. It was so hard for me to choose even after speaking to people of the hotel at the career event in school and so I thought, why not visit these hotels? Especially since I knew not a lot of people who are working in Amsterdam. I can tell you, once I visited the Andaz hotel and got a personal tour, I just knew that was the place for me because of their values and beliefs. I could see myself working there and being a representative for the Andaz hotel with a similar personality.


As my city choice was Amsterdam, it was easy to pay a visit. But for those of you who can’t? Speak to as many people as you can who have done their internship in your destination choice and do some proper research on the type of culture the hotel has to help you know what to expect and an insight to the working culture. Just a week before my internship, I’ve been paranoid as to what I know before going and what they would expect so the presentations from school gave me some good insight. Remember, you’re not just working but learning so much more. This experience is a good opportunity to learn how to communicate with people of different cultures. It’s a social talent I must say. However, what really helped me a lot was receiving a warm welcoming video from my hotel mentor. Try to contact your hotel mentor, this will help you feel a lot more comfortable as you are now already familiar with someone.

SMART goals

From the start of module 3, you already have so much to do with the applications, interviews and reports. Be hands on with everything and start with your applications as soon as possible. When you write your SMART goals, take that chance to write down some serious goals you would like to achieve during your internship. Write them down so you see them every day and try your best to achieve them. Make your internship worth the hard work by coming back with improved skills and your goals achieved.

We are lucky to be able to get this opportunity early in our lives to gain so much experience. Make the most of it and follow your dreams.

Tot ziens Maastricht!

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