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Student Association Amphitryon: serious fun! | 04 september 2017

Student association Amphitryon: ‘serious’ fun

Amphitryon is the Hotel Management School Maastricht’s student association. It has its own clubhouse on campus in the park, near to the student flats, Teaching Hotel and school building. Amphitryon is ‘serious’ fun: you can have a lot of fun with your friends and members but if necessary Amphitryon helps you with your schoolwork too!

Social life

“Not only campus made my first year memorable. The student association Amphitryon was, and still is, important regarding my social life at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. A lot of students, from other years/modules as well, visit the bar and events. This makes it easy to interact with students living on and off-campus. Being a member of Amphitryon enriches my social life, and makes studying at the HMSM very enjoyable!”

“At school you see the same people over and over again and because of the close connection to the student association Amphitryon it is amazingly easy how quick you meet everyone. Because of this fact, the atmosphere at school always feels very comfortable and positive.”  

Schoolwork help

“Amphitryon doesn’t only offer you fun but also helps you with your schoolwork. We have the education committee, which is always there for help. This committee consists of older students who are willing to help younger ones if necessary.”

“Next to school and campus life there’s still plenty of time to relax. Thanks to Amphitryon I got to know a lot of people from the hotel school. Amphitryon also has tutoring activities in cooperation with the school.”

Friends and fun

“The student association brings you a lot of friends and connections of students your age but also older. There are committees too which are great fun!”

“As a member of student association Amphitryon I can meet with many peers and have a good time together. Also, I have many opportunities to develop myself.”

“At Amphitryon I made a lot of new friends. I’m really happy I decided to join the hotel’s student association because it’s a nice part of my student life.”

“I’m a member of Amphitryon. I got to know a lot of people throughout the years. I like the bar club nights and I like begin a member of the Media Commission.”

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