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Summer in Maastricht | 18 juli 2019

The summer holidays have begun! School work can be left behind for a couple of weeks, time to do fun things in Maastricht! In this blog HMSM students Danielle and Veerle will give you 5 summer proof tips!

Enjoy some ice cream

To start with, Maastricht has a number of very good ice cream shops. They are scattered throughout the city center. There is a very good ice-cream shop behind “Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein”. There are also several ice-cream shops in the large shopping streets. Once you've scored a delicious ice cream, it's time to stroll around the city and enjoy the nice weather. You can also take a walk through the city park and if you haven't finished your ice cream by then you can cross the bridge to the old district of Maastricht: Wyck.

Fun Valley

In case you want to do something fun a little further from the center, here's tip number two. Visit Fun Valley in Maastricht if you want to enjoy the water, beach, snacks and drinks. It's a fifteen-minute bike ride from the city center. It is wonderful to lay down your towel here and enjoy the sun and the refreshing water. If you're planning on going to Fun Valley outside the holidays: try to avoid Wednesday afternoons, the schools are out and there are many younger children out on the beach.

Rent a boat

What's the best thing to do when the weather's good? If you ask me, that's sailing on a boat! And what's more fun than cruising the Maas with your friends, while you can enjoy your own music? You can also bring your own food and drinks on the boat. The sunset is also very beautiful! You can see the sky turning from blue into pink. 

Picknick in the park

Another fun thing to do is having a picknick in the city park. Take your basket with good food and some nice drinks and go to the park. It’s very cozy here and there will be many other people with the same idea. You can easily put on some music and enjoy a glass of wine in the sun. Gather your friends and let’s go!

Bold Rooftop Bar

And last but not least, go to the Bold Rooftop Bar at the Student Hotel. You can enjoy a drink with a wonderful view. This bar has just recently opened and is a great new asset to the city. What is nicer than drinking a cocktail with a view over the whole city?!

We hope that your summer will be fantastic and that these tips have helped you on your way to discover summer in Maastricht!

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