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Let's catch up with alumnus Otto Figge (F-1992) | 20 maart 2017

Otto Figge (F-1992), Senior Consultant and Business Coach at Swedish company Mercuri Urval, came to visit HMSM and also said hello to his son Lars, who is also studying Hotel Management at #HMSM

What do you do as a Consultant and how has your time at HMSM prepared you for that profession?

Consultants at Mercuri Urval help organizations to identify, develop and recruit people/employees that match the specific needs of that organization. Mercuri Urval is a global partner that can offer best practice in talent management, business transformation and executive recruitment and selection. I feel that HMSM has prepared me how to focus and truly understand the need of somebody or something. Whether it’s a guest in a hotel, or a commercial challenge within an organization, the process of understanding what the ‘sense of urgency’ is, is the same. Don’t just answer ones’ question, but go a few steps further and bring a solution to their need. And identifying that need can sometimes be a challenge, but is most of the times very rewarding when it fits.

From your experience as an alumnus and father of a current student, what makes up the special character of the school and what has changed in the last 25 years?

I understand that the degree of an HMSM alumni is Bachelor of Business Administration, but I feel it is so much more than just that. The HMSM contributes to your personal development in the areas such as communication and presentation skills, hospitality awareness, pragmatic thinking, et cetera. What I now see happening is that students in their first year have to achieve the full 60 points for their Propaedeutic. This has influence on all the ‘side dishes’ that make the HMSM so special, such as this upcoming Lustrum of Amphitryon, the world renown ‘baravonden’, HoVo weekends or the introduction of a fraternity. The HMSM might loose the perfect HMSM alumni to the more focused and well educated bachelor student. In my work I have experienced that not knowledge is a decisive factor to be successful, but personality is.

What are you most proud of and what do you still want to achieve in life?

Happy to say a family of four healthy and open minded boys, who are sportive, socially engaged and still enjoy their trip towards our home in Maastricht. And the first thing that comes to my mind in my desire to still achieve in life, is travel more. Not to escape life, but for life not to escape me.

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