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| 03 april 2017

The best coffee bars in Maastricht

As a student it’s very important to know what the best coffee bars in Maastricht are. After a heavy night of partying you’ll probably be in need of a good strong cup of coffee. Or when you’re going to pull an all nighter studying for an exam. Whatever reason you have to drink coffee, read further to discover the 5 best coffee bars in Maastricht!


Coffeelovers is a chain of coffee bars in the south of The Netherlands. Only in Maastricht they already have 6 establishments. The most remarkable establishment is the one in the old Dominicanen church, where you can drink a cup of coffee on the altar of the church while visiting one of the most beautiful bookshops of the world. They have a diverse menu with different types of coffees, teas and other kinds of drinks.

Le Marais Deux - Koffie

Le Marais Deux is a concept store annex coffee bar established in the city centre of Maastricht. In the store you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories. In the coffee bar in the back of the shop Joost and Maartje provide coffee and homebaked goodies. A popular spot with a modern look and feel.

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake is sweet spot for coffee and a piece of cake in Maastricht. Noralie’s en Fabiola’s passion for baking shines through in this cute and cosy coffee bar. When you’re a cupcake lover this is definitely the place to be! Service with a smile, cute old-fashioned dishware and a great backyard for sunny days.

De Brandweerkantine

De Brandweerkantine (literally: fire department canteen) is one of those great spots you’ll definitely have to visit when you’re in Maastricht. Either for a cup of great coffee or for a bite to eat. This coffee bar/restaurant is housed in an old fire station which gives the place a unique atmosphere. The industrial space is decorated with furniture from the seventies and is a hotspot for students.

Café Zondag

Café Zondag is another hotspot in Maastricht, established in the popular neighbourhood Wyck. The café serves excellent coffee, but also a wide variety of bites, sandwiches, bagels and panini’s. Café Zondag is a little different, but in a good way! The café has very wide opening hours, from breakfast ‘till night. Why bother closing you might ask… They have art exposed on the walls and regularly host a live show in the evening, a good place to have a nice cup of coffee and soak up some culture.

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