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The great things about studying at HMSM | 31 maart 2017

Stella Reppenhagen and Yoshua Hurkmans wrote a story about how they experience live and study at the Hotelschool in Maastricht as first year internationals. Find out what they like about the school!


Life as a student here in Maastricht at the Hotel Management School Maastricht is beautiful! One of the biggest advantages about studying at the HMSM is that you live on campus in the first year. Campus life is the best time of a student life. Everyone spends time together and gets to share experiences, ideas and cultures.
Regardless of what you do: having breakfast, lunch or dinner, walk to class or drive into town or to the supermarket: you do everything together with your fellow students which you have met on campus or at the school.    

Never alone

The nice thing about campus is that you are never lonely. There is always someone there for you. You have your own room when you want to have time to yourself or need to study.
However, if you want to have some company, the doors are always open. There are times where you meet someone on the hallway on the way to the washing room or kitchen. You meet new people all the time. People you haven’t seen yet. And you end up speaking for hours!
Us, as internationals, enjoy the time we spend in the common kitchen. We cook, eat, listen to music and play games together. These are memories we won’t forget and will even share with our future children.

Feeling welcome

The HMSM is a relatively small school which makes the atmosphere very cosy. The chance that you don’t know the majority of the students is minimal. As internationals, we appreciate it that the other students recognize it and treat us just like the others. The moment they hear we speak English they immediately switch from Dutch to English. The Dutch are also very open to meeting new foreigners, which is very welcoming. 

Interesting course

The lessons are very interesting and the classes are divided so there are maximum 15 people in each class. This makes the lessons more interactive and personal.
During the studies in the 1st module, we have practicals. These allow you to gain experience in the industry and get a better idea of what hospitality is like. Practicals are also a nice way to get your mind off school and just switch off for 10 days.
During practicals, you meet other students, work and have a blast. Even though everything is up to high standards, we can still enjoy ourselves and be professionals at the same time.

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