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The most awesome theme parks near Maastricht! | 19 januari 2018

Are you studying at Hotel Management School in Maastricht and are you a major fan of theme parks? In this article we will tell you all about the greatest theme parks you should visit during the weekend or during the more quiet days of the week!


The Efteling is one of the most famous theme parks in the Netherlands. For those who like action there are spectacular water rides and various thrilling roller coasters. Experience the hair raising 37.5 m free fall into the mineshaft with the ‘Baron 1898’’. Or slay the dragon in the double-track wooden racer rollercoaster ‘Joris and the Dragon’. Or try the ‘Python’ with its double loop and corkscrew. Wanna go for speed? There’s a bobsleigh run too.

The great thing about the Efteling is the atmosphere in the entire park. There is a story behind every ride and the rides are fully decorated in style of those stories. There’s also a forest with scenes from the famous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. The park once started with this beautiful fairytale forest! Whatever you’ll be visiting in The Efteling: at the end of your day you will feel happy! It only takes an hour and a half from Maastricht to get there.


Another theme park full of fantasy is Phantasialand. This German theme park is approximately one hour by car from Maastricht. There are a lot of great rides like roller coasters and water rides. The new ‘Taron’ is the fastest multi-launch coaster in the world. With the fastest catapult drive in the world, it flashes through a tunnel and away over the woorden roofs of the village of Klugheim.

The theme park itself is also really spectacular. Especially during the winter time when the whole park is lit up with thousands of Christmas lights. During this period there’s a fireworks show every evening! If you want to combine dinner with show: book a Fantassima dinner and enjoy the dancing, singing and acrobatics.

Walibi Holland

Walibi is famous for its roller coasters. They are the main attractions of this park. Walibi Holland means serious, adrenaline pumping action! Enjoy the highest and fastest roller coaster of the Benelux ‘Goliath’, reach a speed of 90 KM/H wihtin 2.8 seconds with ‘Platform 13’ or literally loose your gravity with ‘lost gravity’. Of perhaps you prefer one of the multiple water rides or the small arcade?

If you enjoy a little horror, you should visit the park during Halloween. There are multiple haunted houses and the park is open until midnight. When it gets dark, all sorts of horror figures walk around in the park and the entire park is decorated for Halloween. The ride to Walibi is around 2,5 hours by car from Maastricht, but it’s definitely worth it!

Movie park Germany

When you enter this theme park you’ll feel like you just stepped into a Hollywood movie set. You’ll find rides ranging from extreme to medium. All the rides are in the style of a movie. For example the Ice Age experience and a Van Helsing roller coaster. There is even a haunted house in style of the Walking Dead!

Movie park Germany is great if you want to live in a movie for a day! It’s a little less than two hours by car from Maastricht.

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