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Top 5 things to do in Maastricht in April | 28 maart 2018

Museum night

On Friday 13th of April, Maastricht is hosting the third edition of Museumnacht Maastricht. With just one ticket you can visit different locations: Dominicanen bookstore, Lumière cinema, Marres and many more. The venues are open from 20.00 until 01.00. From midnight until 05.00, you can continue your museumnight at the special after party at the Muziekgieterij.

Make sure you buy a ticket and maybe is this your lucky art night out!


Smartlappen festival

On Friday 13th of April also the Smartlappen festival is organized in the centre of Maastricht. During this evening you can sing with well-known torch songs of ‘famous’ Dutch artists. The artists enter the stage at 18 different locations: café Falstaff, café Forum, café de Belsj, and so on. The evening starts at 21.00 and will make many hearts beat faster!

KOFFIE bij Joost en Maartje

This coffee bar is located in the concept store Le Marais Deux. The barista’s Joost and Maartje serve delicious coffee that is prepared with love. The furniture is homemade by Joost and Maartje bakes the cake and pastries. It’s a lovely place to work or sit and relax and to enjoy your day.

Maastrichter Heidenstraat 8, 6211 HV Maastricht

Terrace season

It’s officially spring time! That means that the sun will shine more often, you will need your winter coat less often and that you can finally drink your beers outside. But what are the best places to drink these beers? At first, the Koestraat is, with a lot of small terraces, one of the coziest places of Maastricht. The second place is restaurant Cinq. This is the best place to drink a beer at the end of the afternoon because of the evening sun. And the best for last: Café Zuid. Big terrace, by the water and friendly staff. A good place to stay all day.

Have fun in the sun and enjoy the spring!

Amstel Gold Race 2018

This year the 52nd edition of the Amstel Gold Race will take place on April 15. This Race is the classical world tour of the Netherlands and takes place in the hilly landscape of Limburg. The Race starts at the Market Square in Maastricht, a nice moment to share with your friends or family.

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