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Top 5 tips to keep your student house clean | 13 november 2018

A room in a student house is often not as clean as you are used to at home. Especially when you have just moved, it can take a while to get used to. Not only because you have to organize the cleaning yourself, but also because not everyone has the same understanding about what you call clean!

With these cleaning tips you can keep – together with your roommates –  your student house clean.

1. Cleaning schedule

Almost every student house has a cleaning schedule these days. In the schedule you can read who is responsible for which task and when it has to be done. Often you also have to indicate whether you have actually executed the job. Important is to limit the tasks and don’t make them too big. If you live with many roommates, it is easy to divide the tasks. That way everyone can do a small chore every week. In some student houses they even “punish” a person who doesn’t do his task in time! For instance by buying beer of cooking for the whole house.

2. Washing up bowl

Sometimes the kitchen is full of dishes that belong to “no one”. You can avoid this with a washing up bowl system. Everyone has his own bowl and keeps his own dishes in it. Other people’s dirty dishes are no longer in your way. The downside is that some people will never empty their washing up bowl, but then at least you know who to address.

3. Name tags

It can come in quite handy to give everyone their own little places in the house. An own shelf in the cupboard and in the fridge and an own pigeon hole for mail. That way you will be less affected by each other's stuff. And the advantage is that you can keep your own little places as clean and tidy as you wish.

4. Fixed tasks

Divide a couple of fixed tasks between all roommates. For instance doing the groceries, cooking, cleaning the common rooms, the bathroom etc. Of course you can rotate! But this way you always have someone to contact about certain matters concerning the household. This can prevent a lot of bickering.

4. The big Spring clean

We all often forget to clean certain spots and stuff during the weekly cleaning session. Who regularly cleans the freezer? And what about the attic, the shed of that little room where everyone dumps his junk? Plan a date in Spring, ask everyone to help and all the tasks will be done in a jiffy.

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