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Top 5 zoos around Maastricht | 02 februari 2018

Something you probably don’t do that often is go to a zoo. However, this can be a great place to enjoy the nice weather, chill with friends and, of course, see lots of animals and nature. Here we will name some great zoos to visit that are relatively near Maastricht.

Safaripark Beekse Bergen

In Safaripark Beekse Bergen, you can enjoy animals in their natural habitat, but also the nature itself. It’s a perfect place if you like a little more adventurous zoo! Take a boat safari, car safari, bus safari, jeep safari or a hiking safari! During these safaris you will discover over 150 different kinds of animals.

To make walking or riding around wild animals even more exciting, you can enjoy a safari in the dark in December and January. In these months the park will be beautifully decorated with lights. The zoo is up north near Tilburg. It takes an hour and twenty minutes to get there by car. With public transport it takes two and a half hours.

Gaia Zoo

At the Gaia Zoo you can enjoy the most beautiful animals from around the world. For 12,5 years the zoo has been collecting almost 100 different animals, including lions, gorillas, rhinos and many more. In the monkey forest, monkeys will be climbing above and around you. You will learn all about the eating and living habits of the animals.

The zoo is near Heerlen by the German border and only one hour from Maastricht with public transport. The perfect place to go when the weather is nice!

Zoo Antwerpen

You can visit the Antwerp Zoo every day of the year. It’s a large zoo with all kinds of animals. From elephants to dolphins and many more. There are multiple things you can do during your visit at the Antwerp Zoo. You can watch a sea lion show, see divers in the reef aquarium and attend feeding moments for different kinds of animals. You can enjoy a drink at the grand café, have a picnic in the zoo and there are multiple places where you can eat.

Combine your visit to the Zoo of Antwerp with a nice weekend Antwerp! There are lots of cheap hostels or hotels where you can stay for a night or two. The zoo is two hours and forty minutes by public transport and if you rent a car it is only an hour and a half!

Aachener Tierpark

This is a zoo in the German city Aachen. The park is really old and a conservation area. There is a hiking route of approximately 3 kilometres in the park, where you will see over 250 different kinds of animals. There are animals from all over the world, such as pandas, camels, lynxes, and bears. There is also a big water area, which is the habitat for over 70 water birds. In the Aachener Tierpark you can pet some of the more tame animals.

This park is 1,5 hours away from Maastricht with public transport. You can also make a weekend out of it and combine it with visiting the city of Aachen for a day!

Ouwehands Dierenpark

Get to know the animals of Ouwehands Dierenpark. Here you can find giant pandas and see how other bears live in their natural habitat. What makes Ouwehands different is that you can not only see, but also touch stuff. For example, have you ever felt the leftover skin of a snake or felt how strong an Ostrich egg is? Enjoy the view of playing polar bears and go down into an old mine shaft, deep under the ground where the gorilla quarters are.

Ouwehands Dierenpark tries to make everything as adventurous as possible. The zoo is up north near Arnhem and Utrecht. It takes an hour and fifty minutes to get there by car and two hours and fifty minutes by train.

These are not the only zoos in the Netherlands. However, it’s a nice selection of the favourite ones! Which zoo are you going to visit while you’re studying in Maastricht?

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