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Typically Turkish Tulips | 10 april 2018

Spring is in the air! Birds sing and flowers like tulips are blooming. Tulips are incredibly Dutch and inseparably linked to our country. But did you know that the roots of the ‘Dutch tulips’ lie in Turkey (the old Ottoman Empire)? It seems we had the perfect climate (cold nights/cold winter). Therefore they liked it here in our flat land. And they prospered and flourished.

Over 400 years

The first tulips where imported in The Netherlands in 1593. They were very rare and only the ‘Hortus Botanicus’ in Leiden grew them. A few visitors were allowed to see them. After a burglary in the Hortus Botanicus the tulip scattered around the country. The trade in tulips began. In the beginning only the rich could afford the exclusive flowers. People started speculating. Between 1634 and 1637 a tulip bulb was worth as much as a high-end canal house!


Over the decades tulips, as well as other flowers, have become a truly Dutch phenomenon. Half of all the bulb fields in The Netherlands grow tulips. We are talking about 25 thousands hectare and over 2 billion bulbs! About 9 of every 10 tulips are being exported. Have you ever bought a bouquet of tulips in your home country? You can easily do it now while you are living in The Netherlands!

Tulip sightseeing

Tulips in a vase look pretty nice. But have you ever watched the amazing blooming bulb fields? No? You really shouldn’t miss it! The best place to see tulip (and other flower) fields is The Keukenhof, an annual flower expo in Lisse in the north. It’s open about 8 weeks per year (March-May). There are over 7 million flowers on display! Don’t miss it and hurry if you want to visit The Keukenhof this year. It closes May 13, 2018. Have fun!

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