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VRoom service - virtual reality experience | 16 maart 2018

Karin Roo was nominated for the Trendspotting & Innovation Award 2018 with her blog about VRoom Service. Read all about it below.

VRoom Service - virtual reality deliverd to your room!

VRoom Service – a service that allows guests to order inspiring virtual reality experiences to their rooms. VRoom Service is a first of its kind in the travel industry. It is new, exciting and part of the next step in hospitality. It is Virtual Reality delivered to your room. The launch was part of a series of innovations by the Marriott International brand. Guests can call a VRoom Service extension or use Marriott’s Mobile Request app to request a VR headset and accompanying headphones. Once they are delivered to the rooms along with easy-to-use instructions, they are available to guests for up to 24-hours. When they put it on, they immediately get access to three VR postcards.

VR Postcards - personal travel stories

VR Postcards are personal travel stories that users experience in 360 3D through a virtual reality headset. Viewers are taken on the journey and hear the travelers’ personal stories about why travel is important to them. Each of the three videos shows a different traveler on a trip, narrating their feelings to an unseen camera. The three travelers include a woman in Chile, a woman in Rwanda, and a man in Beijing. Guests will also have access to the rest of the Samsung Milk VR platform, which is like a YouTube for virtual reality video content. Matthew Carroll, vice president of Marriott Hotels says, “Travel expands our minds and helps push our imagination. Our guests want to be in inventive spaces that help foster their creativity and thinking. VRoom combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to next generation travelers.” Marriott Hotels consistently tries to push the boundaries of innovation and technology in combination with travel to create spaces and experiences that inspire.  

The entertainment industry is an ever growing industry, with more and more possibilities every day. To combine these possibilities to the travel industry is a great way to expand the experience of the guest. Guests want a unique stay, and if it's done correctly, VR experiences could be an unique add-on.

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