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Why you have to choose Hotel Management School Maastricht! | 08 november 2017

We asked our students why they choose for Hotel Management School Maastricht and not another hotel management school. Read their answers and be convinced that HMSM is also the best option for you!

  • I felt straight away at home here in Maastricht, and I knew it had a good reputation. Furthermore, I thought about The Hague but the fact that you had to share a campus room was a real no-go for me.
  • The HMSM was the first hotel management school that I visited and immediately the last one as well. The minute I entered the building, I was sold. I had no doubt and I was all in. The HMSM is the only school that I enrolled for.
  • The school has a good reputation!
  • I loved the concept with the Teaching Hotel as well, and I thought that this school is better than the one in The Hague because it has a cozier environment.
  • I chose for HMSM because this school suited me best. It felt right from the start when I visited the open day in 2013.

Atmosphere of Hotel Management School Maastricht

  • Very nice, every one is always very focused on what they want to achieve when they leave this school, that’s why the vibe is pretty good.
  • I think the atmosphere at MSM is fine, but it also depends a bit on the time of year. If you come close to the exam weeks everyone is really stressed out, but if there is a bar club night, everyone is very happy!
  • I like the atmosphere at our school. Everyone is all about socializing.
  • The atmosphere is very nice, if you enter the lobby of the school, you can feel the vibe of hospitality.
  • I think the atmosphere in our school is the best you can get in Maastricht. Everyone here really likes what they are doing.

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