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YEZ Award won by HMSM students | 20 maart 2017

On Thursday, March 9th, 2017 the Upgrade Event took place at Zuyd Hogeschool. The main theme was entrepreneurship and innovation. On this day the YEZ (Young Entrepreneurs Zuyd) Award ceremony took place as well. The Award was won by Hotel Management School Maastricht students Marleen Selten and Esther Crum. With their idea 'Green Greetings' they want to give people the chance to eat a fast and healthy meal along the highway: “a healthy fast food restaurant”.

The YEZ Award is presented to students or recent graduates of Zuyd who come up with the most promising enterprise. The eight nominees pitched their business ideas to a jury. The prospective entrepreneurs worked on their ideas with the help of coaches, workshops and training.

Winning concept
'Green Greetings is a future hospitality concept that offers healthy food along the highway. By adding a drive-through guests can pick up healthy, fresh and quick food on the go. " Marleen and Esther came up with the idea during the trips home from  the city of Maastricht. "We were only able to choose between a burger menu at a fast food restaurant or a ready-made vacuum-packed salad at a gas station" said Marleen. They want to improve the food on offer with Green Greetings, the first fast food restaurant with a healthy concept along the highway.

Marleen and Esther
Marleen and Esther are graduate students. They have completed all courses of the educational program and started with their management internship in February. During this internship they want to gain more experience and contacts in order to be well prepared to start their own business.

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