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Follow the Young Food Professionals of HMSM on their Safari Day! | 02 oktober 2017

It is still very early in the morning 06.30 AM and the bus is waiting for of us to take us on an amazing Safari trip. It is still dark outside and everyone is excited. This trip is to inspire us – the Young Food Pro’s of Hotel Management School Maastricht -  in our journey in the world of foodservice. Do you want to know more about how to become a Young Food Pro? Read our previous blog!


At about 09.00 AM we arrived at the Jumbo headquarters; a big Dutch supermarket. A warm welcome with a coffee and a delicious breakfast was waiting for us. All the employees are very enthusiastic and passionate about their company and also about our visit. We could ask them anything we wanted to know. It is great to see that many alumni from Hotel Management School Maastricht are working for Jumbo. Most of us never thought about this as a career opportunity before! An advise we give to you: Go visit the Jumbo Food Market. You’ll love it, it’s great!

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

The next stop is at the Compass Group.They are managing all the food concepts at the High Tech Campus. Did you know that this is the smartest km2 in The Netherlands? After a presentation and a tour they asked us to give them feedback about the food concepts. They are really interested in our opinion, very nice! We really feel Young Food Pro’s now!


Time to go to a new way of urban farming! Urbanponics is a Dutch company that promotes the production of nutritious food. It has developed a commercial way of vertical farming on small scale. We are all standing there, completely flabbergasted! It is amazing to see how much passion these people have for their product. We expect to see their invention a lot within the next few years. Tell us, have you ever seen something like this before?

The Scelta Institute

Last but not least Jan Klerken, CEO and owner of Scelta Mushrooms, welcomes us at his institute. After an inspiring presentation we were invited to an amazing dinner in their restaurant. We now have an idea what you can do with mushrooms and can create new ideas around our business case! You should definitely explore the Scelta products and we promise you: you will appreciate the mushroom even more then you have ever done before! This dinner gave us, the Young Food Pro’s, the chance to get to know each other better while enjoying a good glass of wine!

Watch the vlog about the Safari day here!

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