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Yumpingo, improve your restaurant! | 12 februari 2019

Julia Stolk won the Curious People Trendspotting & Innovation Award 2019 for her blog "The bill that can read thoughts". Read her story below.

Yumpingo? Sounds like a new trendy telephone brand?

It is not! It helps you to improve your restaurant in the best possible way!

But what is the best way to improve your restaurant, the food, atmosphere and the service? Exactly, reviews from the experiencers, the guests themselves.

Reviews rule

Reviews rule the world of the hospitality. It can either cause a good reputation or no guests at all. The only problem? The percentage of people leaving a review is low and the majority of the reviews are quite general, not telling exactly what could be improved. For example if a guest has told that he or she did not totally like the food, the cook of the restaurant does not know at all what to improve.

This is why the intelligent bill showed up, called Yumpingo. Yumpingo has started in the UK by two friends who thought about how they could improve their restaurant. They say that their platform receives the most feedback per guest, up to 66%, when the restaurant was connected with Yumpingo. Against 0,5% before! Currently Yumpingo is just being implemented in restaurants, but it could definitely be used in the whole hospitality industry, with some adjustments.

How it works

How does it work? If you ask the bill in the restaurant, you get a little book with on one side the bill and at the other side a phone which asks you for a one minute review, almost as fast as entering your PIN code! If you start it you can choose the dish you had and you can rate it, say if the dish was too spicy or not all. Besides rating the food you had, you can also give feedback to the service, location and atmosphere. After each day the restaurant receives a quantifiable overview of where they are succeeding and where they could adapt some improvements. Quicker is not possible!

The next step in reviews

The idea of reviews of course is not totally new. Yumpingo is the next step of giving reviews, it is more detailed than all the other review sites. Hospitality is about creating an unforgettable experience for the guest. The link to the hospitality is that you can now react to feedback, in other words, you can improve guest experience immediately after receiving the feedback. Possibly even the same day! The cook can adjust something to the food or the waiters can adjust their service, which will improve the guest satisfaction.

The business potential in Yumpingo is the speed of feedback, the usability and the increase of the amount of people giving reviews. The fact that in the UK it has already been used in several restaurant chains like Bill’s and Jamie’s Italian, shows the feasibility and the desirability.

Yumpingo for the hospitality industry

With the whole world changing faster than ever it is extremely important to obtain useful feedback from the guests. At the moment Yumpingo has only been there for restaurants, but with some little adjustments it could be used in the rest of the hospitality industry, what I definitely expect to happen!

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