Custom-made hospitality programme

Customized hospitality

Each organization and every team is unique. That is why we do not believe in one programme for everyone but in a unique, tailor-made approach. Hospitality, Happiness and Human touch always form the basis.

To us it is not about three side-by-side strategies, but about one integrated approach. 

●    Hospitality: we create happy customers who experience genuine hospitality, who get a 9+
       customer experience and are happy to reward the organization for that.
●    Happiness: we activate happy, determined and enthusiastic employees who are motivated and
       passionate about contributing to the goals of the organization.
●    Human touch: we give humanity and human authenticity both internally and externally in the
       way we work in the content (inside and outside at the same level). 

Team and methods

The hospitality consultants of the Hotel Management School Maastricht know better than anyone how to translate the insights of the hotel industry into other sectors. We guide teams in creating a new working method or culture. We are known for our creative, interactive, inspiring and validated working methods that evoke movement and conversation.

Our Hospitality Consultancy team invariably builds upon the strength of the organization and its people. What are you good at? What is highly appreciated? We bring this forward and make it tangible. The strength of your organization is the basis from which we develop further. We continuously fine-tune mutual expectations. Furthermore we are practical and result-oriented.

The hospitality consultants all sitting in a circle on the grass in a park

Continuous process

We believe that people-oriented hospitality development is a continuous process. That is why we do not provide hasty hospitality training without a foundation. We do organize brief, energetic inspiration sessions about the power of people-oriented hospitality. For inspiration and awareness.

We think that internal hospitality training should be a core activity of every organization. Not only focused on customer, patient and guest experiences, but also on the employees themselves. We also believe that the internal training house and the content of the hospitality training courses should serve to develop the core values of an organization. After all, people-oriented hospitality is part of this. Whether it concerns healthcare, government or commercial services.


We like to work with parties or individuals who compliment us on our services. In addition, we develop tailor-made products and working methods with various partners.

More information

Do you want to raise your guest, customer or patient focus to a higher level? Are you curious about what we can do for your organization? Then we kindly invite you to contact us. Together we will look at your wishes and goals and how you can achieve them.

Vision on hospitality

Hospitality Consultancy consciously approaches the development of an organization from the ‘hospitality’ theme and everything that comes with it. Our consultants tell you more about it in two short articles: 'Make the difference with hospitality’ and ‘Working together on hospitality.’

Please contact us for custom-made solutions