As Hospitality Consultancy, we prefer to work together as much as possible. Not only with our clients, but also with other parties in the market.

Sustainable partnerships provide you with a good basis for building optimal service in the field of hospitality and employee happiness. The partners we enjoy working with are complementary to our offer and we can jointly communicate, each with our specific qualities, knowledge and experiences.

Person behind the patiënt

An initiative of medical science students at Maastricht University. Under the theme "interdisciplinary cooperation" they develop a program to improve patient participation and thus patient care in the Netherlands. From student initiative to a foundation with thorough training programs. We develop programs together with them and also implement the programs in various organizations. We support the students in their further development and the foundation.


HEVO is a leading consultancy, risk-bearing project management and development company in the Netherlands. We are focused on Public real estate (range of local governments, healthcare (cure and care) and educational field (primary and secondary schools, universities of applied sciences and universities, including student housing) and Private built-for-use real estate. Together we give substance to hospitable building and hospitality development when one enters the new building and takes it into use.

Van Hoeckel

Van Hoeckel is a total supplier of food and drink in healthcare. We jointly develop and guide processes related to hospitality development in various healthcare institutions.

G-kracht Hospitality

G -kracht Hospitality guides organizations in embedding continuous quality thinking in all layers of the organization. Together with Hospitality consultancy we are active in care and welfare organizations. G-Kracht Hospitality focusses on gastronomy, food & beverage concepts.