Please see me

People-oriented hospitable care is about people. About care providers and care recipients. About the co-operation of care teams and patients. With one mutual goal: better care. It is difficult to explain in a few sentences, what ‘people-oriented hospitable care’ involves exactly.

We would like to invite you to watch this short film. In our eyes, this video shows the essence of what people-centered care is all about. In only a few minutes.

A suggestion from our consultant Maarten Bos, who specializes in healthcare: take your time, watch it preferably without distraction, listen and look carefully with all your senses.

The Hospitality Consultants of Hotel Management School Maastricht find ‘Please see me’ very meaningful. That is why consultant Jeroen Frerichs has written out a part of the dialogue.

Download de dialogue 'See me'

The essence that people-centered care is all about!