Hospitality Consultancy team

We are working towards a world where people are truly seen. We call this 'people-oriented hospitality' or 'hospitality with a human touch'. Our goal is to realize 9+ customer experiences together with our clients. 

From advice to implementation and from inspiration to coaching: our Hospitality Consultants are absolutely versatile. The team consists of people with an extensive experience in the field of hospitality. In implementation (hotel industry), training and coaching. With so many professionals together, a mutual dynamic is created that leads to surprising breakthroughs in assignments.

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Maud Doveren - 'Visionary'

With a fresh combination of entrepreneurship and infectious enthusiasm, she is the driving force of this diverse group of hospitality professionals.

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Gerard Hoppener - 'Idealist'

Gerard likes to look for the core when supporting organizations. What is the organization about? What is the vision, the mission?

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Bart van Linder - 'Innovator'

As a change expert, Bart has already seen and escorted many processes in organizations.

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Else Zwarteveen - 'Conscience'

‘It is all about the insight in how you and your service is experienced by your customer.’

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Jeroen Frerichs - 'Storyteller'

Although Jeroen is known as someone who can tell inspiring stories, he is also good at listening to what is said - and what is not.

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Edith Muijsers - 'Performer'

Edith is able to create an atmosphere in teams where everyone dares to say what needs to be said.

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Chérie Crins-Rijk - 'Supporter'

Chérie is the back-office of our team. She takes care of all office matters.

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Emily Teunissen - 'Thinker'

Emily is a former hospitality consultant. In her role as coordinator of the profile ‘Horizons in Hospitality’ she links education and consultancy.

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Rianne van den Heuvel - 'Empath'

Honesty, calmness and fun make her a specialist in vitality and creating inspiration in a work situation.

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Anne-Fleur den Engelsman – ‘Care Giver’

‘I love this job and to contribute to the development of people, teams and organizations.’

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Sjoerd van Dijk - 'Facilitator'

‘The development of people and organizations is only successful when they do it themselves – learning by doing!’

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Our offer

Our hospitality consultants use innovative, validated learning and working methods. We invest in sustainable innovation and development in the field of hospitality, work happiness and people orientation.

We are connected to the Hotel Management School Maastricht. This involves extra benefits for our clients. First of all, we have an enormous source of relevant and up-to-date knowledge and research at our disposal, in the field of hospitality. 

In addition we are in close contact with young, enthusiastic students with fresh and contemporary ideas.

We think it is important to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to all questions asked. That is why we also have a network of external experts with whom we work on a regular basis. Though only in combination with one of our own consultants.

Info and contact

Do you have a question in the field of hospitality within your company or organization? The hospitality consultants of Hotel Management School Maastricht are happy to help you achieve your goals. We kindly invite you to contact us. Whether you work in health care, services or for the government.