Part-time master Facility & Real Estate Management

International, academic and personal!

No doubt about it, even a part-time master remains a large investment with regards to time and money. Therefore it is important to consider how this investment will contribute to your personal and professional ambitions and career. You must have a lot of questions. Mainly about the benefits of following this part-time master in Facility and Real Estate Management. Will they outweigh the time and money you invest in it? Let us assure you, it does!

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Knowledge is power

The double MSc. degree you’ll receive is probably not the main motivation to sign up for this master. The vast amount of knowledge and insight you’ll obtain will be. The master Facility and Real Estate Management will help you broaden your knowledge or will allow you to deep dive right in. You’ll study challenging theories and learn about the newest developments in the industries of facility and real estate management. Not only by lectures of our specialized professors, but also through the rich knowledge and experiences of our guest lecturers. By trade they know the industry like no other. 


Thanks to the combination of theoretical knowledge and its applicability you’ll learn to translate theory into practice based upon solid reasoning and evidence-based sources. The assignments you will deliver also focus on creating impact by applicability of acknowledged theories, concepts and mechanisms. The test formats (papers, oral exam, presentations) also appeal to your ability to apply knowledge and thereby make an impact.

Make a difference – for you, for your organisation

Theory and practice will reinforce each other. A sacred principle to Hotel Management School Maastricht and therefore also the Master FREM. With your new knowledge, you’ll acquire insights ready to be applied. You’ll develop a new dimension to your work and projects. Therefore, you’ll be better equipped for challenging projects and more senior roles. You’ll be a driving force behind positive change. With this Master of Science degree, you acquire the academic level showing the industry you’re higher and better qualified. The part-time master Facility and Real Estate Management will boost your career and organisation!


Work, work, network – in The Netherlands and abroad

Not many masters are offered in English. Most certain not with the same international scope or unique combination of the two disciplines facility and real estate management. This makes the master sought-after with students across the globe. In the past years 40-60% of the master Facility and Real Estate Management students came from abroad. You’ll get a great opportunity to become part of the international Hotel Management School network. 
What’s more, you’ll work together with international students with different academic backgrounds. You’ll learn to approach projects from different angles. This will allow you to come up with new and more innovative ideas and solutions. Do you have ambitions to jump onto the international job market? Then you’ll be one step ahead!


Classes one day a week

The workload is manageable. If you study in part-time, classes are one day a week. You should expect about 15 hours of self-study. But not to worry, as a professional you have the soft skills in time management and the professional attitude to complete this master successfully. You’ll do so in two years. You’re motivated and know what you’re doing it for.


With a personal touch

Feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help you to make the right decision. It’s no different in class. The master Facility and Real Estate Management is a small scale and personal programme. You won’t have more than 25 fellow students. You’ll be part of interactive classes but will be assessed on an individual basis. What’s more, you’ll determine the focus and direction of your master yourself. You do this by selecting topics and themes for your papers and thesis. It doesn’t get any more tailor made than this.

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Grasp the opportunity

Is this master programme a match with your ambitions and career? Get the confirmation you need by attending an online open day and spar with students, professionals and professors of the master in Facility and Real Estate Management. Learn more about our programme and the admission requirements. For this master you don’t need a GMAT or premaster. We select our students based on academic background and industry experience. We look forward to welcoming you to our programme!

Please note: Non-EU students can only apply for the full-time master as this is a requirement for obtaining a study visa.

Are you enthusiastic and do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email, schedule an online meeting, or give our recruiter Danique Spierts a call:

+31 (0)6 43 577 147