Contact and route

You can contact us in different ways. 

Hotel Management School Maastricht

Visitors address
Bethlehemweg 2
6222 BM Maastricht

Postal address
PO box 3900
6202 NX Maastricht

+31 (0)43 352 82 82

Selection: selectionhmsm@zuyd.nl
Bachelor (Dutch stream): voorlichtinghmsm@zuyd.nl
Bachelor (English stream): study.hmsm@zuyd.nl 
+31 (0)6 38 33 56 95 

Master FREM: masters.hmsm@zuyd.nl
Master LHI: master.lhi@zuyd.nl 

Educational office: bohmsm@zuyd.nl
Internship department: internships.hmsm@zuyd.nl

Alumni: alumnihmsm@zuyd.nl
Foundation: foundationhmsm@zuyd.nl

Teaching Hotel: frontofficeteachinghotel@zuyd.nl

Research centres

The research centres are open for cooperation with educational institutes, industry stakeholders or a contribution to your conference. Contact us via research.hmsm@zuyd.nl

Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem

Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem
Bethlehemweg 2
6222 BM Maastricht

General: +31 (0)43 352 82 92

Meetings, events or groups:
+31 (0)43 352 82 49 or salesteachinghotel@zuyd.nl

You can easily book a hotel room or a table in our restaurant online or via frontofficeteachinghotel@zuyd.nl

How can we help you?

Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem & Restaurant L'Étoile

Do you want to organise a meeting, a party or perhaps get married at the Teaching Hotel?
Please send an email to salesteachinghotel@zuyd.nl.

Do you want to book or cancel a room or a table in the restaurant?
Please send an email to frontofficeteachinghotel@zuyd.nl.

Alumni Affairs

Do you want to report a change of job or your own start-up? Did you move or get married? Simply update your details on the alumni platform: www.alumni-hotelschoolmaastricht.nl.

Would you like someone to contact you? Please send an email to alumnihmsm@zuyd.nl.


For questions regarding the introduction = Boostcamp, please send an e-mail to boostcamp@zuyd.nl.

Education Office

For questions regarding credits entered or for confirmation of registration for an exam or a certified copy of a diploma or marks list, please send an email to bohmsm@zuyd.nl.

New students can find a lot of information at  https://www.start.zuydnet.nl.


Do you work in a hospitality-related company and do you have room for students or young professionals to gain experience? Please contact the Internship Office at internships.hmsm@zuyd.nl.


Do you have a question about the Master FREM? Send an email to masters.hmsm@zuyd.nl.

Do you have a question about the Master LHI? Send an email to master.lhi@zuyd.nl.

Open Days

Do you have a question about open days or admission requirements? Send an email to study.hmsm@zuyd.nl.


If you have a question about the (status of your) selection procedure, lost student number, login codes, exemptions, previouse education (abroad) or book lists, please send an email to selectionhmsm@zuyd.nl.

Student Residence

Do you have a question about living in the Student Residence, the rent or the postal address? Please contact Holland2Stay via hsm@holland2stay.com or +31 85 130 5500.

Vacancies & Collaborations

If you have an interesting vacancy for graduates, please mail to alumnihmsm@zuyd.nl.

Do you have an interesting job for students, please mail to  studentcouncil.hmsm@zuyd.nl.

If you are interested in a management project within your organisation, please contact josje.vandongen@zuyd.nl

Visitors address

Bethlehemweg 2
6222 BM Maastricht

General contact

  +31 (0)43 352 82 82

Parking during open days and selection days

Directions to parking

Public transport

If you arrive by train, please travel to Maastricht Central Station and from there take the train in the direction of Heerlen. Exit at the first stop, Maastricht Noord. This is a 5-minute walk from the campus of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. After descending from the platform, turn left into the tunnel and continue past the bus stop. Turn left, cross the railway tracks and turn left. Continue on this road, which takes a turn to the right. At the bus stop, turn left into Jeruzalemweg. Do you prefer to take the bus instead? Please take bus 30 from Maastricht Central Station and exit at Balijeweg.. From there you can walk to the Hotel Management School Maastricht in two minutes.
The bus and train service times change regularly. For the latest information, please consult 9292 website.


The campus of the Hotel Management School Maastricht is located in the beautiful Geul and Maas country estate.  It is located favourably to A2 motorway. When arriving from the north, please exit at Noord (North). At the end of the exit, turn right. At the next set of traffic lights, turn right. Take the second exit at the roundabout and, after approximately 300 metres, turn left. Continue on this road, which takes two right turns and take a left turn into Jeruzalemweg.

Directions to parking

Take a look at the campus

The campus consists of different buildings and parking areas. By clicking on the icons you can find more information about the different facilities on our campus. The routes to the center and bus and train station are also indicated.