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Annual report 2022-2023

Starting this year, Global Minds @ Work, Future of Food and Data-driven Hospitality have teamed up with two research centres of the Academies of International Business and Communication: Professional Communication in a Digitalizing Society and Sustainable International Business.

We operate as a cluster, which opens up interesting and exciting avenues for collaborations and joint projects. Though all research centres each possess a recognisable and distinct profile and are at different stages of maturity, our research is inspired by three common themes: digitalisation, globalisation, and sustainability.

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Research centres

At the hotelschool Maastricht we recognise that in the hospitality business it is essential to better understand and act on the changes happening in the world.

If our students are to become highly qualified and passionate professionals who develop and innovate the industry, they need to be equipped with the latest knowledge and insights. Knowledge and insights that they can immediately apply to the challenges the hospitality industry faces.

That is why we have initiated three research centres: Future of Food, Global Minds @ Work and Data-driven Hospitality and collaborate closely with other Zuyd research centres, such as Professional Communication in a Digitalising Society (PROCODIS) and Employability.

The aim of the research centres within Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is to stimulate the development, transfer and exchange of knowledge. They perform socially relevant applied research and advise companies and institutions.

The research centres work closely with students, educational staff, the industry and a wider research community to create and deliver knowledge with practical value. So that together with these partners we can continue to improve and even redefine the hospitality industry.

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