About us

The Hotel Management education is an economic bachelor with a focus on management. We train young people to become qualified and passionate professionals who are able to contribute to the development and innovation of the national and international hospitality industry. Our motto is: ‘The next step in hospitality’.

Our hotel school

In 1950 the hotel school in Maastricht opened its doors. Back then we had a starting capital of 500 guilders and about 100 male students. Times have changed. We now have around 1,350 students, both men and women, from The Netherlands and abroad. Some important things deliberately remained the same. Such as our fundamental values of ‘individual responsibility’ and ‘personal attention’.

It is our mission to provide the hospitality industry with highly qualified and passionate professionals who will go on to develop and innovate the industry. With this mission we aim to be an academic top player in the field of international hospitality. An institution that is recognized for its unique perspective on how changes in the industry can be put to business advantage. We see it as an inspiring challenge to focus the energies and talents of our staff and students, to transform academic insight into daily practice, to contribute to the future of the hospitality business. Watch our brand film.

The Hotel Management School Maastricht offers one of the top hotel management education programmes in Europe. We are accredited nationally (NVAO) and internationally (THE-ICE). Since 2013 we are proud to have the special label ‘Small-scale and intensive education’ (NVAO).

Our organisation

Hotel Management School Maastricht offers a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in hotel management in both Dutch and English. We also offer an English-taught Master in Facility and Real Estate Management. The Future in Food research group and Global Minds @ Work research group are associated with our hotel school.

The school campus is part of a beautiful park about 10 minutes from the centre of Maastricht. The education building, the Teaching Hotel and the apartments for the first-year students are located on the campus. During the first year, every student gains practical and managerial experience in our own castle hotel. In the following years we offer students ample opportunities for international internships.

The Hospitality Consultancy team is connected to the hotel school. The consultants support organisations and companies with the sustainable improvement of their hospitality.

Our community

Hotel Management School Maastricht is proud of her open and growing international community. The extended network consists of:

  • around 100 employees
  • about 1,350 students from 35 countries
  • more than 8,500 alumni spread over 80 countries
  • partners of the hotel school (universities and companies)

Hotel school graduates are highly appreciated managers in the hotel industry and many other industries. They often end up in serious management positions or become self-employed. Many alumni remain strongly involved with their alma mater and contribute happily to the hotel school. They do so, for instance, by offering (international) internship positions, giving guest lectures or donating to the Foundation HMSM. Alumni stay engaged and connected through our  private alumni platform.

General contact details

+31 (0)43 352 82 82

The next step in hospitality

Management team

Hotel Management School Maastricht is part of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. The management team consists of 9 people, with the dean as chairman. The General Manager of the Teaching Hotel Eelco Holwerda and professor Ankie Hoefnagels (responsible for the Global Minds @ Work research group) are also part of the management team.

Management team

Research centres

Three research centres of Zuyd Hogeschool have been affiliated with the hotel school. They will ensure the development and dissemination of knowledge and intensified partnerships with the industry in the coming years.

Learn more about the professors in this video


International Hospitality Advisory Board

The International Hospitality Advisory Board (IHAB) consists of international hospitality industry managers and professors from the academic world. Together they represent a broad spectrum of expertise in hospitality, leadership, innovation, food service and research. They support the management team in making strategic choices. In this way, we ensure that the educational programme is and remains aligned with the current and future needs of the rapidly changing hospitality industry.


IHAB award

The IHAB award is a prize for the one graduate that impressed the most during the final assessment. In this oral exam, students reflect on the development that they have gone through during their years at the hotel school. They present themselves as ‘young professionals’ and show that they are ready for their ‘next step in hospitality’. In addition to eternal fame, the winner receives an amount of 1,000 Euros (sponsored by Bidfood). Furthermore he or she may accompany an IHAB member for one day during his or her duties.

IHAB award winners

Badge of Merit

The Badge of Merit is awarded as a tribute to a relation, employee or student who has made exceptional efforts on behalf of the Hotel Management School Maastricht and its community. The design of the Badge of Merit represents the international character of hospitality and the significance of the castle as part of the hotel management education.

Badge of Merit