Geul and Maas Estate

Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem is located in the heart of the Geul and Maas Estate, a joint venture between the municipalities of Maastricht, Meerssen, Valkenburg aan de Geul and the Province of Limburg.

Attractive surroundings

Together with residents, users and entrepreneurs we work on preserving, managing and developing the estate. Whereby connecting initiatives, restoring cultural-historical values and protecting the natural environment. Through these initiatives, our guests, students and neighbours can enjoy the stunning surroundings of the castle. 


Rent a bike at the Teaching Hotel 

The Limburg countryside is ideal for cycling. There are beautiful cycling and walking routes straight through the Geul and Maas estate that stretches from Schin op Geul to Borgharen. Various organisations in this region offer activities, meetings and events. Curious what’s happening? Discover all the highlights of the Geul and Maas Estate here.

There are also several cycling routes in the immediate vicinity of the Teaching Hotel. Bring your bike along or rent one at the Teaching Hotel and discover Southern Limburg. There is so much to explore!