Let's make his Funda happen!

First-year student Bubbles is in financial need. With your support he can stay at the HMSM and continue to fulfil his dream. ​​​​​O​​r he will have to stop his studies and return to Beirut this September.

Will you help?

A young ambitious international student is in financial need who, without our support, will have to stop his studies and return to Beirut this September! Do you think he deserves - just like you - to be able to finish his studies at Hotel Management School Maastricht? Do you want to help Foundation HMSM to make his dream come true? Help to make his Funda happen!

"My father never had the chance to finalise his education due to the problems in Lebanon. I want to make my parents proud and with my Funda create a different life for my family and myself."

From Beirut (Lebanon) to Maastricht

First-year student Jean Maroun Bou Malhab (on campus known as Bubbles) is facing difficult circumstances due to the situation in his home country. At the end of this academic year his financial reserves will have been depleted. To be able to start his second year in September, we appeal to you; our HMSM community. With your support he can stay and continue to fulfil his dream: Obtain his Funda and develop himself in our great world of hospitality. 

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Your donation will make his dream come true

Due to the political and economic situation in Lebanon Jean Marouns parents can no longer support their son financially, and because of his student visa he can only earn a small and limited amount of money here. Help us NOW to make his dream come true and donate to the Foundation HMSM. Donating is easy and the ‘ANBI’ (‘Recognized Public Benefit Organization’) status provides tax benefits. All donations, regardless of size, are highly appreciated. Every little bit helps!

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His heart for hospitality brought him to the HMSM

In Lebanon there is no adequate bachelor in hotel management. In his search for a suitable study in Europe, Jean Maroun was quickly convinced that HMSM was the right choice for him: “The beautiful Teaching Hotel on campus, where students are able to gain practical experience, was the decisive factor for me.” After the selection procedure he started the bachelor in September 2020 and in July 2021 he will obtain his propaedeutic certificate.

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His job in the Teaching Hotel

Because of his study visa, Jean Maroun cannot earn a lot of money in the Netherlands. The Teaching Hotel has made an exception for him by requesting a work permit, which allows him to work there this summer and earn a bit of extra income. Unfortunately, these incomes are not enough to cover all of his study costs. 

The tuition fees for an international student are almost three times as high as those of an European student. An analysis of his financial situation demonstrates that, up until his Funda, Jean Maroun would need € 25,000 for tuition fees, housing, and basic necessities.

Funda in 2024 for a future in hospitality

After obtaining his Funda in September 2024, Jean Maroun wants to start his own business. “The ultimate ambition for me is to become a business owner upon successfully completing my studies. I am already dreaming of my own chain of restaurants where pastries have a central place.” Jean Maroun is very grateful for the support and involvement he experiences from the entire HMSM community. “I hope, that someday I will be able to give back to the community of the HMSM that has given so much to me.”

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Foundation HMSM for other students in need too

We hope to be able to guarantee Jean Maroun very soon that, thanks to the support of our community, he can continue his bachelor here with us. If more money is donated than the initial goal, the foundation will manage the funds until they are needed again in the future. The Foundation wants to support more international students who are not able to afford their study. If you want more information about this, about donating or the Foundation HMSM, please contact us. 

For now: count your blessings and thank you for your support!


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