Management Consultancy Projects

Collaborate with Hotel School students

Are you open to a fresh perspective on your company or organization? Are you looking for innovative ideas? Would you like to have that in-depth research done for which you cannot find the time yourself? To keep our programme challenging and up to date, we like to join hands with companies and organizations in the hospitality industry. This provides great opportunities for both you and us.

Every year, in February and September, about 30 project groups start their management project. This is the first part of the HMSM graduation programme. All assignments are provided by external clients. The management project lasts 20 weeks and a project group consists of four or five fourth-year students. They work as hospitality consultants and are assisted by expert supervisors.

What’s in it for you?

  • Tailor-made advice, based on your chosen topic and practice-oriented research;
  • A project group of 5 students who jointly can spend no fewer than 3,200 hours on your assignment and who are supervised by expert teachers and researchers;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of trends, developments and access to all available knowledge (including the Zuyd Research Centres);
  • Fresh ideas from young people;
  • Possibility of concept development via the Design Thinking method;
  • Getting to know talented "young professionals" who are looking for a job;
  • The possibility to profile your company as a socially involved organization: after all, you make a significant contribution to the training of future hospitality professionals. 

What’s in it for us?

  • Challenging education, based on current strategic issues;
  • A good relationship with the industry, so that we too stay on the ball and keep in touch with what is going on;
  • A good reputation – not only of major importance for our curriculum, but also for our graduates who are looking for a suitable job. 

Possible themes

  • Strategy determination;
  • Concept development;
  • Market analysis and research;
  • Risk Management, Revenue management;
  • Hospitality development and monitoring; 
  • Feasibility study;
  • Marketing/positioning issues; 
  • Future proof businessmodel;
  • Businessplan;
  • Sustainability – CSR; 
  • Artificial intelligence, Big Data and new technologies; 
  • High tech – high touch: how to find the balance?
  • Trend studies (for example: wellness, wellbeing, vitality or diversity & inclusivity);
  • HR-issues: talent management, the employee journey, development training etc.;
  • Customer oriented issues such as CRM, Customer Journey analysis, consumer psychology and trends.

Previous clients

Hotel Management: Accor, Hilton, Marriott, WOW Amsterdam, Twin Peaks,  Signify, Event Hotels, Penta Hotels, Postillon, Zoku Amsterdam

Foodservice: Vaeshartelt, Bidfood, Douwe Egberts, Foodservice Instituut Nederland, Sligro, Ghost Kitchen, Citesta’s, Vitam, Holland Foods, Novish, Smaakcentrum Limburg

Horizons in Hospitality: Maastricht UMC+, Zinzia Zorggroep, Brightlands, ABN AMRO, Hunkemöller, Restaurant Company Europe, Mamita Alice, AZC Maastricht, Provincie Limburg and several municipalities 


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The assignment

The assignments can relate to all areas of hospitality, linked to the three HMSM profiles: Hotel Management, Foodservice and Horizons in Hospitality (aimed at organizations where hospitality is not the core business, but where it can make a difference, such as healthcare institutions and retail).

The students present the results of their research in a research report (mandatory) and an advisory report (or another -previously agreed- product) to the client. But first, each student individually defends the reports before an internal and an external examiner - the latter is an industry representative.


Investment for your organization or company

Hours: an investment of time (consultation moments with students) that is appropriate for the assignment and the willingness to provide the information necessary to carry out the assignment;

Euros: a contribution towards the costs of € 2,750 per project; a sum that is comparable to the average internship fee for one student. In principle, all costs are covered in this contribution.



Are you interested in a management consultancy project for your organization, and in working together with our students? Let us know! Fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with you to discuss the possibilities. 

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