Collaborate with the hotel school

Are you open to the perspective of young, frank and creative hotel school students? Are you looking for original ideas for your company or organisation? Do you want to develop a new concept or do you want to carry out a market research? We happily offer you the opportunity to present your management questions to our students. For instance by means of an internship or a management project, which will be performed by a group of students at school.
It works both ways. You will get the fresh look you have a need for and the new generation of hospitality managers will get the chance to show what they have to offer.

This is not the only way you can cooperate with the hotel school. Perhaps you would like to give a guest lecture? Or maybe you would like to support the hotel school with some kind of sponsorship? We are more than happy to discuss these matters with you. Together we can help the younger generation with taking their ‘next step’!

Operational and management internships

Welcome a young, enthusiastic, creative hotel school student into your company. Our students look at your business with a fresh perspective and may offer you new insights. They like to work in a team and are hands-on. The internship lasts 22 weeks and starts twice a year: in February and September.

Internships are an important part of our hotel management education. They are essential to prepare students for a successful future in the international hospitality industry. Naturally, every student receives personal guidance and feedback from a hotel school supervisor. 
We have an extensive network of reliable partners. However, we are always looking for new suitable organisations and companies. The internship office reviews the internship places and carefully selects the candidates before contacting a company. In this way we try to achieve a good match between the internship company and student.

Practical internships (abroad)

In the second half of the second study year, our hotel school students complete a practical internship abroad. Do you work at an international 4 or 5-star hotel in Europe, Asia, the United States, Antilles or the United Arab Emirates and do you offer internships? Please let us know. Our students speak several foreign languages and can work in different departments during their first internship, such as the Rooms Division or Food & Beverage section. The internship supervisor always visits the trainee.

Management internship (in The Netherlands or abroad)

All hotel school students complete their education with a management internship. This internship starts in the second half of the fourth study year. Each student chooses an internship (company) that matches his or her ambitions, in or outside The Netherlands. The students are eager to take their ‘next step’ in hospitality. 

Do you work in a hospitality-related company and do you have a place for a young professional to gain experience? For example as a manager? Or in a certain area of policy such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Event Management, Foodservice or Tourism? Then we would very much like to get in touch with you. A limited research assignment is part of this internship.

Interested in trainees? Then please contact the Internship Team.


Management consultancy projects

Every year in February and September about 30 project groups start their management consultancy project. This is the first part of the graduation phase (year 4). For 20 weeks the students work on an assignment provided by a client from the industry.

As consultants, they work in groups of 4 to 5 people. Expert teachers and researchers supervise them. The students keep record of the results of their work in a research and an advisory report (or another form). Each student defends the results in an individual assessment in front of two teachers.

Finally, the project group presents the results to the client.
The research assignments that are carried out are broad and varied. They always fit within the broad field of hospitality and are in line with one of the three graduation profiles: Hotel Management, Food Service or Horizons in Hospitality.

Are you interested in a management consultancy project for your organization, and in working together with our students? Let us know! Read more and contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Profile Hotel Management: Luc Partouns
luc.partouns@zuyd.nl, tel +31 6 34 30 09 87

Profile Foodservice: Paul van Oers 
paul.vanoers@zuyd.nl, tel +31 6 14 78 22 65

Profile Horizons in Hospitality: Emily Teunissen
emily.teunissen@zuyd.nl, tel +31 6 51 12 10 24

Support: Leonne Huveners 
leonne.huveners@zuyd.nl, tel +31 6 82 93 60 14

Guest lecturers

Guest lectures provide a vivid insight into the professional practice. It is one of the reasons why our students find these lessons very inspiring and motivating. We are always on the lookout for fascinating speakers from profit and non-profit sectors to give workshops or lectures. 

Are you interested in providing a guest lecture or workshop? Then we warmly invite you to contact Leonne Huveners - Coordinator Minors.

+31 (0)6 82 93 60 14


Partnerships / Sponsoring

Are you active in the hospitality industry? Then it is good to know that the hospitality managers of the future are being trained at our hotel school. Maybe you find it - like many other companies and organisations - interesting to work with us in one-way or another? If so, we would very much like to get in touch with you to discuss the options.

Interested in collaborating with the Hotel Management School Maastricht? ? Then please contact Vera Duehring - Dean Relations & Commercial Affairs.

+31 (0)6 227 913 48

Foundation HMSM

Would you like to support young hospitality talent? Take a look at the possibilities of the Foundation HMSM or send a email to Foundationhmsm@zuyd.nl. Together we can help a future generation and you will support the future of our industry at the same time.

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