Five student-budget-friendly summer activities to do in Maastricht

"When your bank account needs a little pick me up, revisit this list for some dopamine-inducing activities. Happy summer days!"

It’s happening! The sun is shining and we are back to warmer temperatures, which puts everyone in a good mood and the urge to run to the nearest terrace to enjoy a nice Aperol Spritz. 

Unfortunately, this is maybe not the most financially sustainable summer day activity and you may start to wonder how else you can enjoy the sun - on a budget. And fortunately for you, I am here to explain to you how to do just that!

Nav Singh is a third year student at the Hotel Management School Maastricht.

City center of Maastricht, the vrijthof square and old city buildings


A classic! Grab yourself a blanket, some ice cold drinks, a few snacks from the supermarket, a group of good friends and don’t forget your speaker - and head to the park for a gorgeous day in the sun. Good food, good music, and good company - what more do you need? For optimal results, I’d highly recommend going to the park near Avenue Céramique where you are right near an Albert Heijn for all your picnic goodies. And if you get too warm, you are right near the public library where you can go to cool down and enjoy browsing through some books - even if you don’t choose to borrow. 


Speaking of this library, did you know that you, as a student at the HMSM, are eligible for free subscription at that library? Pay a small registration fee (just €3!) and receive your library card with which you can borrow books at the library for free! This library is mainly Dutch, but does have a fairly extensive selection of English books on the second floor. If you’d like to read in another language, like French, German, or Spanish, this is also a possibility at this library! Borrow a book and read it out in the sun, or even inside where you will find there are large windows to let that sunshine in. Thirsty? Peckish? There’s a little Coffeelovers inside the library which you can help yourself to while you read. 


This is by far the most underrated summer activity! Going for a walk in the sun will not only help you reach your daily step count, but also help you soak in that Vitamin D, which, let’s be real, is a true commodity here in the Netherlands. While we all (or rather should be!) are taking our Vitamin D tablets, nothing feels as good as the real thing. So get those earphones, put on your favourite playlist, and just walk! Go exploring or stick to a route that you are familiar with for a more relaxed walk. And don’t hesitate to buy an ice cream on the way… it will be your only expense on this summer activity, so make it a good one! 

Park activities

Try doing your favourite hobbies out in the sun - take some canvases/tote bags/jeans and your paint out into the park. Lay it all out and bring your best friend with you to keep you company while you both paint, listen to music, eat, drink (do stay hydrated!), and chat about life. In my experience, there might come a time where you just lay there, no words said because the sun is making you drowsy. Which is totally fine, the sun will give you the best sleep of your life. Take it from a girl who spent the first 18 years of her life at the beach in the Middle East ;) 

Market days

If you find yourself free on a random Wednesday or Friday in Maastricht, don’t forget that the market is well and alive in the center! Get yourself to the city center, budget yourself, and have a look at what you can buy to treat yourself. To make it even more exciting, bring a friend and set a budget for yourselves and buy the other things they might like. Put it in your bags, and gift it to each other over some nice drinks and snacks and make sure to record their reaction to your thoughtful gifts! 

Happy summer days!

With all these activities, I hope everyone has numerous sunny days in Maastricht and do make sure to still make those trips to terraces when you’re feeling like it. And when your bank account needs a little pick me up, revisit this list for some equally dopamine-inducing activities.
Happy summer days! ☼

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