09 Jul 2024

Let's catch up: Felix van den Boogaard [F 2020]

Felix van den Boogaard [F 2020] reflects on his post-graduation journey, highlighting the importance of work-life balance.

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20 Jun 2024

How to ace your exams!

Exam period can be a stressful and overwhelming time. But with the right preparation and self-care you will make it!

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04 Jun 2024

Best Global Mind Blog: "Encontrar tu hogar en el mundo"

We’re excited to introduce you to the best Global Mind blog: Stefania Thomas’ "Encontrar tu hogar en el mundo" (Finding Your Home…

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04 Jun 2024

Internship at HMSM: tips + practical info

Hotel Management School Maastricht internships: A unique chance for an abroad experience.

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16 May 2024

Working at HMSM: game-changers and inspirator

Alumni Tessa van Eijsden [F 2015] and Andreas Oerlemans [F 1987] discuss their experiences as alumni and lecturers at HMSM.

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14 May 2024

How's living in Maastricht as a student?

Discover Maastricht: a historic city blending vibrant student life, rich gastronomy, and cultural festivities in a charming,…

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08 May 2024

Staff exchange with Penn State University

Lecturer & researcher Tom Kuypers visited our Partner and introduced a European cultural phenomenon: the Eurovision Song Contest.

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15 Apr 2024

Just graduated: Hannah Slabber [F 2023]

Hannah, who graduated in 2023, discusses her life post-graduation, working in the People & Culture department at Minor Hotels.

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08 Apr 2024

Future career after Hotel School

Curious about your options after studying at Hotel Management School Maastricht? Discover the many career possibilities!

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26 Mar 2024

SIA subsidy for professor's platform Hospitality, Tourism, Innovation & Technology

This unique collaboration contributes to technological innovation within the domain of hospitality and tourism.

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