Developing a global mind

For many hospitality talents at the HMSM this is their drive to choose for the hospitality industry.

"International students like Bubbles prove their journey to Maastricht is worth it."

The tuition fees for an international student are almost three times as high as those of an European student. But not only the costs give these students a high motivation but also missing their family and friends contributes to motivation to succeed.

Developing a global mind with international students
Bubbles & Bram

Developing a global mind

The hospitality industry is by far one of the industries that is international and divers. Besides it is absolutely essential to speak more than one language it is important to be capable to work and serve people from other cultures, to develop a global mind. For many hospitality talents at the Hotel Management School Maastricht this is their drive to choose for the hospitality industry.

Enrich education

Bram (2nd year Dutch student) choose almost 2 years ago for the English bachelor: “First of all I wanted to challenge myself improving my English language but during my time in Australia I realised that serving people from different cultures is something you need to learn too to be successful in this industry”. 

In the English bachelor students from different nationalities and cultures meet, work and live together. For Bram this enriches his education: “Meeting new people from different parts of the world, contributes to my personal development and the way I look at the today’s world. In our classes and project groups we talk about our different backgrounds and values. Every so often this give a different perspective to the way we handle a project or answer a question.”

Depending on donations

Bram: “When I orientated for a study, I could choose anything I wanted, wherever I wanted. My passion is with hospitality and fortunately I was selected for the HMSM. But not everybody has the opportunity to go to such a renowned hospitality education. I met Jean Maroun who has the same passion for hospitality. I find it hard to believe the possibility to fulfil his dream and complete the hotel management bachelor is depending on donations.”

Bram feels that the international students help him to stay more focused on his education: “International students come from afar, not only in the physical distance but they leave their friends and family. Studying abroad is also more expensive for them. They are very motivated and want to prove their journey to Maastricht is worth it. That helps me to work hard as well.”
“I hope Bubbles can stay at the HMSM. It feels so great that people in the community care for him and give support to create a better future for him. I’m proud to be part of that community.”

Foundation HMSM

The Foundation HMSM is developed  to support more  international students financially to give them the opportunity to study at our institute. In this video Bram, Bubbles and alumni explain about the Foundation HMSM. Do you want to help to keep Bubbles at the Hotel Management School Maastricht? Donate now!

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