25 mei 2020

Internship in Kuala Lumpur

How do I look back on my internship in Kuala Lumpur? Danielle Vink shares her reflection.

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11 mei 2020

Inspiration for the new generation

HMSM students inform primary school kids about the hotel industry. What a special experience it was!

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11 mei 2020

The biology of good performance

Will a healthy lifestyle translate body and brain into a better performance? Dr. Jérôme Gijselaers has some advice!

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08 mei 2020

Food Inspiration from Home

This blog provides film ideas for those who are willing to be inspired about food and the restaurant industry.

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21 apr. 2020

Hotel Inspiration From Home Films Blog

Film suggestions which are hotel industry related with short descriptions of each movie.

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06 apr. 2020

Sharing is caring! It is fun!

Roelof ten Cate explains the ‘micro’ culture on the campus of the HMSM.

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30 mrt. 2020

Asian restaurants in Maastricht

Up for some Asian food? Check out An Vo's favorite restaurants in Maastricht!

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24 mrt. 2020

Als een hotello om hulp vraagt, is het gas erop!

Maarten Bos realiseert, samen met Jumbo Supermarkten, een pick-upvestiging in Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis.

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23 mrt. 2020

Gastvrijheid in tijden van gedwongen afstand

Hoe kan je gastvrij zijn in tijden van gedwongen afstand?

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16 mrt. 2020

Let's catch up with Daan Kahmann [F 2018]

Let's catch up with Daan Kahmann, Sales Development Specialist for LInkedIn's Talent Solutions.

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