"Hard work pays off"

International student Sadean Suheimat

"Receiving a scholarship is a personal achievement. Your motivation and capacity is rewarded."

Hello, my name is Sadean Suheimat and I am currently in Module 5 of Hotel Management School Maastricht. I grew up in an international community and this has helped me become an international citizen. 

Scholarship student HMSM
Sadean Suheimat

International city Maastricht

I chose HMSM due to the fact that I had already lived in Maastricht for a year and was acquainted with the city and  I believe that Maastricht is the best reflection of an international city that has kept its Dutch roots and culture. Therefore, I am able to enjoy an international environment in addition to experiencing the Dutch culture during my time there. In addition to that, when I found out there was a hospitality school, I applied and got in! At the beginning, I had no idea that scholarships were provided to students, then after getting accepted, I received an email about having the opportunity to apply, which made me eager and motivated.

International student HMSM Sadean Suheimat
Sadean Suheimat

Hard work pays off

Receiving a scholarship was a nice accomplishment to the efforts that I put in high school, in simpler words, hard work pays off. The impact that it has on me, is that receiving a scholarship is a personal achievement. Your motivation and capacity is rewarded. I believe that in the international bachelor, different paths from different parts of the world come together and start a new chapter of their lives at HMSM. Furthermore, it enables me to keep learning on a daily basis about different cultures from the students at HMSM.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been curious about working in the hospitality industry, which is a major reason why I joined the school. On top of that, it’s always been a dream of mine to work in the United Nations when it comes to organizing conferences, therefore I hope to achieve that after I receive my diploma from HMSM. 

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