Future career after Hotel School

What to do after hotelschool?

'With a bachelor hotel management in your pocket, the world is yours!'

After four years of hard studying, international experiences and lasting friendships, your time at Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM) will come to an end. But what’s next? Alumni of HMSM have a bright future ahead, filled with a wide variety of opportunities. Curious what your options are after studying at HMSM? In this blog we will discuss some of the possibilities.

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Start a career in hospitality!

Are you looking for a job to start your (international) career? Start in the Hospitality Sector! There are numerous possibilities for recent Hotel Management School graduates in the hospitality industry, whether you start at a large organization or a small hotel, graduates are welcomed everywhere. After graduation, you typically begin with entry-level jobs suitable for recent Hotel Management graduates. Some examples of jobs after Hotel School include (but are not limited to):

  • Marketing & Event coordinator
  • Operational Supervisor
  • Bar manager
  • Event planning executive
  • Conference & Events coordinator
  • Front office manager
  • Duty Manager

It's normal to start in an entry-level position within an organization after graduating, with your degree, you naturally have a great toolkit at your disposal to develop yourself into a future leader. Hotelschool graduates tend to achieve faster growth within their careers due to the practical experience they acquired during their practicals in the Teaching Hotel and their internship(s) abroad. However, when you start working, you need to grow within your role to advance. After all, a manager who doesn't understand the job's requirements is, of course, not ideal. 

Broaden your horizon

Our alumni can be found in sectors beyond hospitality. This includes banking, insurance companies, human resources, recruitment agencies, marketing, etc. Even outside of hospitality, there are ample opportunities for a recent Hotel Management School Maastricht graduate. Take inspiration from our alumni who have found their paths in various sectors. To get a clear picture, you can watch videos here that showcase where our alumni are now.

Watch our Alumni Stories

Become an entrepreneur

Do you want to start your own business? Go for it! The bachelor's degree in Hotel Management, equips you with the professional competence and commercial knowledge needed to establish your own enterprise, such as a catering or beverage company. 

The Hotel Management School equips you with knowledge needed to successfully run a business in the hospitality industry. Whether it's starting a new venture from scratch or taking over an existing establishment. 

Read the story of our alumna Sharon Opstal and how she managed to start up her own business in Cambodia. 

Get your master's degree

Want to increase your chances at the labor market (even more), get more in depth knowledge or want to extend your time as a student? Get your master’s degree!

There are different masters you will be eligible for after finishing your bachelor's degree at Hotel Management School Maastricht. For example, one of our own Master  programmes:

Master of Science in Facility and Real Estate Management (FREM)

Do you see yourself creating workplaces where employees can flourish? Or come up with a sustainable solution for the redevelopment of a building? The Master Facility and Real Estate Management (FREM) at the Hotel Management School Maastricht prepares you for the most diverse and challenging positions! The programme connects the world of Real Estate with the world of Facility Management.

Read more about our Master in Facility and Real Estate Management 

Master of Science in Leading Hospitality Innovation (LHI)

The Master Leading Hospitality Innovation enables you to learn and practice the global competences you need by means of a variety of teaching and learning approaches by an international staff in Maastricht, Dublin and Barcelona. You will not only learn in the classical sense of the word but also with the added value of a range of new experiences that is a natural outcome of living and studying abroad, working together with international fellow students, academics, hospitality superstars and clients, and getting to know the hospitality industry in distinct cultural settings. This is a true adventure.

Read more about our Joint Master Leading Hospitality Innovation

The world is yours

With a bachelor hotelmanagement in your pocket, the world is yours. Whether you aspire an international career, would like to start your own business, or would like to do continue studying. With your social skills, economical and business knowledge, the world is yours to explore.


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