30 mei 2023

Students develop new concepts for the Expat Centre Maastricht Region

As their management project students developed ways for ECMR to become an established partner for expats.

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16 mei 2023

Maastricht, not only history!

Maastricht has everything you want in a city. History, culture, nightlife and parties! Read the experience of our student Luan.

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28 apr 2023

My exchange in Lyon, France

Did you know HMSM offers the opportunity to go on exchange abroad? This was Linh's exchange experience in Lyon!

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26 apr 2023

Let's catch up with Maud Meijers [F 2014]

Lecturer, researcher, track coordinator and still working on her PhD at University of Wageningen. Let's catch up with Maud!

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04 apr 2023

How to survive your exams!

Exam period can be a stressful and overwhelming time. But with the right preparation and self-care you will make it!

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03 apr 2023

Maastricht, the city with the world to offer!

Chiara, fourth-year student at HMSM likes to share her favourite things about this beautiful city and her experience living here!

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14 mrt 2023

The meaning of hospitality

Lucas Obermüller, second-year student from Germany, about his passion for hospitality and what hospitality means to him.

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07 mrt 2023

Who wouldn't want to be director of the Hotel Management School Maastricht?

Bas Vogelsangs reflects on his first months as director at the HMSM.

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22 feb 2023

The experience of living in the Student Residence

Curious about living on campus? Bao Lam tells you all about it and shares his experience!

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15 feb 2023

10 reasons to apply for HMSM

Small-scale and intensive education, living on campus, great international career prospects; read all the reasons to study with…

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