21 nov 2023

A Journey of Art & Adventures

Join the journey of a small-town Italian student exploring the vibrant culture and scenic wonders of Maastricht.

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07 nov 2023

Giving back: Jordy Priem [F 2022] is internship supervisor

He's part of the younger generation but is already giving back to students during their operational internship.

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13 okt 2023

Waarom in Maastricht studeren? 7 redenen door studenten

Ontdek waarom Maastricht de ideale stad is als je hotel management wilt studeren!

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28 sep 2023

Just graduated: Adam Héry [F 2021]

Adam Héry [F 2021]: 'It has been hammered in during my study and it's true; your network can bring great opportunities'

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18 sep 2023

Just graduated: Jur Plötz [F 2022]

Jur Plötz [F 2022], momenteel werkzaam bij Ajax en F1, over zijn leven na het afstuderen.

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12 jul 2023

Old buildings and so much more

Maastricht has everything that it’s needed to truly enjoy your student life, from secret spots to indie cinemas!

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12 jun 2023

Sustainability on campus at HMSM

On June 8, we had the official opening of the HMSM GROW Garden: the newest initiative towards becoming more sustainable!

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30 mei 2023

Students develop new concepts for the Expat Centre Maastricht Region

As their management project students developed ways for ECMR to become an established partner for expats.

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16 mei 2023

Maastricht, not only history!

Maastricht has everything you want in a city. History, culture, nightlife and parties! Read the experience of our student Luan.

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28 apr 2023

My exchange in Lyon, France

Did you know HMSM offers the opportunity to go on exchange abroad? This was Linh's exchange experience in Lyon!

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