31 jan 2023

The experience of living in the Student Residence

Curious about living on campus? Bao Lam tells you all about it and shares his experience!

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27 jan 2023

Alumni & Student Success in 2022!

Let’s look back to 2022 one more time and reflect on some of the great things our students and alumni achieved last year!

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24 jan 2023

10 reasons to apply for HMSM

Small-scale and intensive education, living on campus, great international career prospects; read all the reasons to study with…

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22 jan 2023

How to survive your exams!

Exam period can be a stressful and overwhelming time. But with the right preparation and self-care you will make it!

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14 dec 2022

Said the international to the magical city, “Where do I go?”

As a student from Malaysia, Kamaliah never celebrated Christmas before she came here. So what is Christmas to her?

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28 nov 2022

What it's like to live and study in Maastricht

Wondering what's it like to live in Maastricht? Jean Maroun wrote a blog about his experience as an international student from…

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07 nov 2022

Moving to Maastricht: an insight into living costs

When moving to a new city or country it's a good idea to take your expenditures into account. We listed the most important ones!

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03 nov 2022

Living in the Netherlands as an international student

Hrtika Sanjeev is an international student from India. She shares her experiences and culture shocks when she first moved to the…

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27 okt 2022

The new look of Refresh

Our student restaurant Refresh has undergone a makeover the last months! Read about it and see more of the new design.

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14 okt 2022

From the heavenly sky to the depths of hell!

Student Lars Buikes wrote the winning 'curious people' blog about his experiences on Malta while on his internship. Read his…

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