19 augustus 2019

Read about Anne-Mare's internship in Washington DC

"For those who still have to choose a city for their internship, I would definitely recommend Washington!"

Welcome to DC!

Hi there! My name is Anne-Mare van der Werf, 21 years old. I am a 2nd year student at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht. Currently, I’m doing my internship at The Hay Adams Hotel in Washington DC. The Hay-Adams is one of the city's most famous landmarks and most iconic luxury hotels. With 5-star accommodations, including 124 refined guest rooms and 21 deluxe suites, exceptionally serviced event spaces for meetings and weddings, and world-class dining destination. The Hay-Adams is a luxury hotel unlike any other.

The Hays Adams

The Hay Adams is a beautiful hotel at an even more beautiful location. Due to the fact that the hotel provides such a high level of service, you also have to deal with VIP’s and personal goals and targets are high and sometimes hard to achieve. I have already learned a lot from this internship! 
Something else what is interesting about the Hay Adams are the differences in culture. There are around 250 employees working in the hotel and they come from all over the world! Everyone has different ideas and perspectives. This can be very useful, looking at things from a different point of view. 

Washington DC
Washington DC

Great days off

That being said, next to the internship part there are the days off. I really enjoy my time here in the States! DC is a lovely city, you can see and do a lot. For making trips and traveling around it is very well located. You can easily travel to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, beaches and vineyards or take a plane to Miami! 

Bonding with other students

In addition to that, there is a really nice group of students from HMSM in Washington DC. In our spare time we like to go for dinner, visit a museum, see movies etc. For those who still have to choose a city for their internship, I would definitely recommend Washington! It is aimed at both business and leisure guests! And for those who are still somewhere around the world, enjoy your time. Make some good memories! 

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