About the foundation

Internationalization of our education is becoming increasingly important in a globalizing world with countless international companies and partnerships. In addition, we like to nurture the ‘global mind’ of our students with the widest possible mix of nationalities and backgrounds. Therefore, the foundation initially focuses on scholarships for international students.

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The hospitality industry has been largely affected by the crisis. As an institute, we notice that young talent is looking at our sector with a critical and different view. We would like to continue to play a leading role in training young and ambitious talents for an international hospitality industry. The sector needs these well-trained people to revitalize, change and grow.

However, the fund also offers a solution for realizing future development and internationalization plans for the Hotel Management School Maastricht. In our aim to be able to offer small-scale, international education on our beautiful campus at a level that can compete with other leading international hotel schools, we develop activities that cannot be paid for from the regular budget. In addition to government financing, support from the foundation has become necessary.

For the record: all donations to the HMSM Foundation will go to projects of the Hotel Management School Maastricht.

The team

The foundation is part of our institute and supported by all of us. A team has been put together within the Hotel Management School Maastricht to develop and organize the foundation. Vera Dühring (Dean relations & commercial affairs) is responsible from the Management Team. Daily activities are in the hands of alumni officer and fund employee Binie Hermans (photo). We will answer any questions regarding donating and we would like to hear your ideas or feedback too.


Advisory board

The foundation team is guided by an advisory board. The advisory board supports them, provides feedback on the foundation strategy and guarantees transparency. The advisory board consists of four members, all alumni. They represent different disciplines from their expertise and dedicate themselves to the foundation unremunerated.

Members of the advisory board

Ambassadors wanted

Of course we really appreciate financial support. But we are looking for ambassadors to expand the network of the HMSM Foundation too. Ambassadors help us to create awareness for the foundation. They also initiate and build lasting relationships. Do you acknowledge the importance of the HMSM Foundation and do you want to help us in achieving our goals? Then please contact us.

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