ANBI status offers tax deduction

The HMSM Foundation is a ‘Recognized Public Benefit Organization’ (ANBI). This means that donations to the Foundation can provide tax benefits for Dutch residents. This applies to both single and periodic financial donations. All donations to the HMSM Foundation will be fully spent on Hotel Management School Maastricht projects.

Student stands in front of the smart board in the classroom and gives presentation to his fellow students at the hotel school maastricht.

Calculate your tax advantage

Want to fully use the tax advantages? Then choose a regular financial donation. You can donate a fixed amount every month, quarter or year for a period of five years. The sum of the donations within each year can be subtracted from taxes. The size of your tax benefit depends on your income but can be as much as 52% tax refund on your donation. Do you want to know how much advantage you will have? Then calculate your tax advantage.

Annual accounts

As an ANBI organization, we are obliged to publish annual accounts. It is required that we publish the balance sheet, the statement of income and expenditure and an explanation. We have chosen to provide additional information on top of the presentation of these figures. In our accountability, we also discuss the goals that have been set and the results that have been achieved. We will provide insight into the expenses and we will look ahead as well.