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Old values, new taste. Come see for yourself!

Restaurant L’Étoile is not just another restaurant in Maastricht. It’s the beating heart of our Teaching Hotel, situated on campus of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. Experience the passion for hospitality of our first-year students, who will be completing their practical training. We bring high-quality, seasonal and locally sourced dishes to the table. Book a table with us and broaden your culinary horizons or simply enjoy the result of our student’s creations.

Our L’Étoile restaurant in Maastricht guarantees a unique dining experience, our students are encouraged to ask for your feedback as we really want you to have left with a great experience. Guests are welcome for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please note we are closed on Sundays. L’Étoile restaurant was created by designer Leon de Lange, the concept and style of a classroom being inspired by the fact that this particular room used to be one of the lecture halls of the school. This piece of history is now preserved and remembered through the unique design of the space.

Een kleurrijk zomers voorgerecht met koud vlees klaar om geserveerd te worden in het Teaching Hotel.

You can choose from a variety of dishes from our menu (2-course lunch for € 18.50) or a light lunch with a soup and salad (€ 15.50). If you have limited time, please let us know and we will take this into consideration.

Compose your favorite dinner with two, three or four dishes from our ‘Proefschrift'.  This menu translates to the word ‘dissertation’. It is made up of a dozen different dishes, inspired by pure flavors and seasonal products. Book a table

For group reservations of 8 or more persons, please contact us directly for this arrangement. Telephone: +31 (0)43 352 82 49. E-mail:

Een amuse van asperges klaar om geserveerd te worden in het Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem.
Een dessert van verse aardbeien klaar om geserveerd te worden in het restaurant van Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem.

Bar Le Coin

Our hotelbar Le Coin emanates a traditional sense of class, this in combination with the bar’s modern refurbishment and castle exterior, leaves quite the impression on the senses. The interior design was completed by designer Bart Hagevoort. Be prepared for a lavish array of choices, the caring attention of our students and of course an atmosphere which fills you with warmth – perhaps just one more drink?

Studente staat achter bar in Le Coin en legt de laatste hand aan een rode cocktail door een schijfje limoen toe te voegen.


Lunch: Mon to Fri 12: 00-13.30
Dinner: Mon to Sat from 18.00
Bar: Mon to Sat 11.00  to 23.00

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