Living in Maastricht - a little guide

"Maastricht is a wonderful, welcoming, and international city. But it does get very cold in the winter!"

Are you a prospective Master student ready to embark on a journey in Maastricht? This blog will inform you about all of the fundamental things you need to know before arriving in Maastricht.

Winter in Maastricht
Winter in Maastricht


Settling in another country is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. Luckily you chose Maastricht, a wonderful, welcoming, and international city. You may not know this, but The Netherlands, more specifically Maastricht, does get very cold in the winter. Therefore, it is essential to find your accommodation as soon as possible. As a tenant it is also important to know what your rights and obligations are. 

Do not worry, after reading this blog, you will have Maastricht figured out left, right, and centre. Maastricht offers numerous housing sites. I will highlight a few to get you on your way. First of all, I will promote the place I found my fantastic accommodation, which was on the "Woon Management Maastricht (WMM)" platform. WMM provides you with an excellent scope of houses available on their platform. The employees are charming and helpful.

Housing Anywhere
Secondly, housing anywhere is a website that provides short-term and long-term rooms, which is managed by students. Maastricht is very international, which means that (exchange) students come and go. Meaning that many students are willing to sublet their rooms while they are away. This allows you to stay in Maastricht while seeking another place more easily. 

Maastricht Housing
Maastricht Housing is the website of the University, they are cooperating with multiple landlords and housing agencies in Maastricht. An important note is that you have to pay a registration fee of 35 euros. There are waiting lists; the longer you are registered to Maastricht Housing, the sooner you will be able to view the house. Also, Maastricht Housing has an all-inclusive residency, which is typically preferred by exchange and international students. 

Helpful Facebook groups
Lastly, we cannot forget about the Facebook groups; Rooms/Kamer/Zimmer in Maastricht is the most popular one. This Facebook page will have the most communication regarding the rooms available in Maastricht. Keep in mind that you have to respond quickly as these rooms are visible for all members of the group. 

Handy things to know

Public transport app 9292
Public transportation is relatively straightforward in the Netherlands. I will give you two necessities which will make your life much more comfortable. First, download 9292, this app has all the information concerning public transportation throughout the Netherlands, and yes, it has an English option. Moreover, the app will inform you about railway obstructions. In other words, it will let you know in time that you will not arrive on time wherever you have to be. 

The public transport card
The OV chip card is the other necessity you need to survive; you can create a personal OV card for €7,50. This card allows you to benefit from different travel discounts, so it is well worth the money. The OV site is quite a challenge. I speak from experience, and it is  excellent preparation for your exams at the University. Good luck! 

Opening hours in the Netherlands
Maastricht is not a 24/7 city; here is an overview that will prepare all of you internationals to the "Dutch" system. The shops open around 09:00 except for Mondays (11:00), the shops will close again around 18:00 and on Thursdays at 21:00. If you are a person that loves to do groceries, you may start your day at 08:00 and the closing time depends from shop to shop, some grocery shops are open until 19:00 others until 22:00. In Maastricht, there is always a place you can find something to eat at whatever time. Bars and pubs are open until 02:00. Dance cafés are usually open until the last person rolls out of the club.  

Important on arrival in Maastricht

When you arrived in Maastricht, there are certain obligatory requirements you have to take care of right away, such as:

1.    Register at the city hall for a BSN number
2.    Arrange a basic insurance package in the Netherlands 
3.    Open a Dutch bank account (ING, ABN-AMRO etc.)

If all is arranged, you are ready to start your journey in Maastricht and the last advice I want to give you is: do as much as possible, meet as many people you can, and enjoy your student time!

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