My experience studying the Master Facility and Real Estate Management

"The best part is all the lectures are in English, so if you are an international student looking to study here, don’t worry about the language barrier!"

My name is Eunice Sakyi, a Ghanaian student currently studying the Master in Facility and Real Estate Management. I will gladly share my experiences with you during the following months.

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Studying abroad

Leaving my homeland to study in an entirely different country was something I really looked forward to. To me, it was going to be a smooth transition like I see in the movies! I arrive at the airport, find my bag and then look around the city with a big smile on my face while I am in a bus to my destination. In reality, my fairytale imagination of my studies in Netherlands didn’t begin on a rosy note but I'm gradually settling in and I know I’d do great!

About the Master

Facility and Real Estate Management is a very interesting course but it’s quite tough. One needs to read wide to understand concepts. Sessions are often very interactive with lecturers reaping the previous weeks activities before delving into the day’s work. Since our classes are online, teaching is mainly done through presentations. After which we’re split into groups for discussions. One thing I love about studying here is how lecturers respond promptly to Emails regarding further explanation on concepts being discussed in class.

My timetable is very flexible, I have lectures only on Thursdays and Fridays and they’re online. This leaves me with five whole days to work a part-time job and to finish up with assignments.
On a school day, my day begins at 9 am, there’s a coffee break at 10:30 and an hour of lunch break at 12noon. 

The FREM master is an international programme and as such I get to study with people from different continents. The best part is all the lectures are in English, so if you are an international student looking to study here, don’t worry about the language barrier!

My favourite courses

Out of the courses that make up the FREM programme I have, my favorite is Strategic Asset Management. We also learn about Strategic Business Management, Strategic Building Management, Strategic Facility Management. These courses are quite demanding but extremely interesting as they challenge me to come out as a leader who can create an environment where both customers and employees can thrive. 

We also have courses in Academic skills and of course writing a thesis. Since we’re still in the COVID-19 era, for my thesis I would be looking at the ‘the impact of hybrid working on the added value of FREM support in the corporate office’. I hope to come out with some great findings that will benefit all corporate offices.

To anyone who wants to study a Masters in Facility and Real Estate Management, or attend Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, I would say this place is a really good place to study and grow to be who you really want to be. 

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