A master is an investment in your future!

Choosing for a new study comes with certain preparations. And costs. One of the first bullets on your to-do list is probably paying tuition fees. It is important to prepare in time. We recommend that you begin this process about 3 months in advance.

 A calculator, paper clip, pen and table; What does the Facility Management master's program actually cost?

Costs master Facility and Real Estate Management

You have to take into account the following costs for the Master FREM.

Tuition fees (payment in installments + € 24) - study year 2022-2023
Excl. € 24 admin fee when paying in installments.
 € 10,800 (FT)
 € 14,350 (PT)
Study books (new)  + € 500
Studentflat Maastricht (incl. gas/water/light), monthly  + € 400
Deposit studentenflat/room Maastricht, one-off  + € 400 - € 800
Living expenses per month + € 300

Included in the tuition fees 

●    Lectures, guest lectures and workshops.
●    Access to the facilities of Zuyd University and the University of Greenwich.

Scholarships and financial benefits

Following the master Facility Management requires a considerable financial investment. We have a few tips to help you ease the financial burden a little:

  1. If you’re pay for the course yourself, you may be able to deduct study costs and other training expenses when you request your tax refund. You can find more information on the website of the tax authorities. See what applies to you there.
  2. Apply for student grants if you are younger than 30 and are following a full-time course. In most cases this is a loan. You can decide yourself how much you want to borrow. You can find more information on our Zuyd website.
  3. Always check the Grantfinder scholarship database. You may be eligible for one of the many scholarships!
  4. As a highly motivated full-time student who aims to excel in their studies and future career, you are eligible to apply for the FREM Excellence Grant. This is a scholarship of € 1,500 discount on your tuition fee.  Be one of max. 10 students who is awarded this great scholarship.

Write a motivation letter why you want to stand a chance at this scholarship and what it can contribute to your future. Send this, together with your last list of marks, to masters.hmsm@zuyd.nl before 1 May. We will announce the results mid-May. Please note: one of the conditions of the scholarship is that you support the recruitment team with 50 hours of ambassadorship.

Payment options master FREM

To successfully complete your registration, your tuition fees must be paid before 1 September. You must tell us how you are going to pay for your study from 1 June via Studielink. There are various options for paying for the master FREM:

You pay all at once through an authorization

With a digital authorization in Studielink you authorize Zuyd University to collect the tuition fees from your account in one go. The collection will take place around September 27

You pay your tuition fees in terms via an authorization

With a digital authorization in Studielink you allow Zuyd Hogeschool to collect the tuition fees from your account in 10 terms. You pay a one-off € 24 administration fee. This amount will be added to the amount of the first term. The collections will take place around the 27th of every month (September to June).

Someone else pays your tuition fees through authorization 

With a digital authorization in Studlink you give the right to – your parents or other sponsor – to have the payment taken by Zuyd Hogeschool this is possible in one sum or otherwise can be collected throughout 10 terms.

Your employer pays your tuition fees

Your employer pays your tuition fees
Are you already working and do you want to follow a course at the same time? Then your employer might pay your tuition fees. If so, they would like to receive an invoice. We can only provide the invoice if we get a signed guarantee statement. 

You don’t have a bank account in a SEPA country

If you don’t have a bank account in a SEPA country*, you cannot pay by digital authorization or in terms. You have to transfer the total tuition fee of the master Facility Management all at once. Please make sure that the entire amount is in the account of Zuyd University before 1 September. Pay on time, international payments often take longer. Use the following account number when paying: IBAN: NL 62 RABO 0311 0781 33 / BIC: RABONL2U.

* SEPA countries are: all countries within the EU plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Monaco.

Please note: After the confirmation in Studielink you can no longer change or withdraw a digital authorization for the payment of your tuition fees. You can, however, change paying in terms to paying all at once. If that’s the case, please send an email to collegegeld@zuyd.nl


Do you still have questions regarding the master Facility and Real Estate Management? Send an email to masters.hmsm@zuyd.nl. We are always happy to assist you.

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