Step ahead

With the master Facility and Real Estate Management (FREM) in your pocket, you are one step ahead of those with only a bachelors. This will give you more opportunities to be promoted to managerial positions. Furthermore, you are better qualified for complex projects and functions. It is the combination of facility and real estate that will enable you to guide others.

After the master you will have a holistic view of buildings, services, hospitality and management. You will be able to function as the key person in the strategic and sustainable management of buildings and facilities. You will also be able to offer optimal services and ideal preconditions. Because of this, employees will be able to flourish and will enjoy going to work. A dynamic job as a facility or real estate manager is reserved for you.

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International springboard

The master Facility and Real Estate Management is entirely in English. This makes it easy to look for a job in the international market. You are flexible, communicative and culturally sensitive. You don’t experience any problems moving around in an international field of work. After all, you have learned from your own experience during the master how you can work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. With a master's degree in your pocket, your career prospects for leadership positions are much better!


Double MSc. Diploma

You will graduate with a double MSc. degree from both Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the University of Greenwich. Accredited in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, your master is valued everywhere and you can get started anywhere.


Boost your salary!

Did you know that you will earn more with a master's degree? You will also start higher in the salary curve or scale. It might not be the most important thing in life, but it is a nice bonus. The first return after your investment in the Facility and Real Estate Management master!


Dynamic and versatile

Did you know that facility and real estate management is a large industry with a good perspective regarding employment? The field of expertise of facility management and real estate management alone is an industry of up to 80 billion in the Netherlands and more than 300,000 people work in the FREM domain! This means that there is a lot of opportunity for graduates of this master. Good facilities and a healthy working environment can make all the difference. These are things you can contribute to as a FREM professional. You are therefore in great demand as a skilled FREM manager in both the private and public sectors.



You will be able to work in different areas within facility and real estate, but also outside the FREM field. Some examples of where our graduates work:

  • Large organizations with their own professional facilities company.
  • Facility management suppliers such as Vebego, Facility Solutions, Hey Day, Johnsons Controls, CBRE and JLL
  • (Government) organizations involved in policy development, challenges, projects, outsourcing issues, vacancy in city centres etc.
  • Healthcare organizations.
  • Business consultancy.
  • Universities that conduct research and teach in the field of FREM. 

Facility Management jobs

A few examples of positions of alumni of the master Facility Management and Real Estate management:

  • Facility manager
  • Asset Manager (with a real estate or investment company)
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Community Developer
  • Strategic Analyst (at a hotel chain)
  • Change Agent

Policy: you make the difference!

As a graduate of the master Facility and Real Estate Management you don’t just implement the policy. You work your way up to be at the helm of an organization. You create and plan the policy. Do you imagine yourself in charge of the facility services of a hospital? Manage a team of 400+ people who want the hospital to function optimally and allow patients to have the best possible stay? Or do you dream of a job at Google? One of the most popular companies in the world to work for?

With the master Facility and Real Estate Management you will increase your knowledge and skills. Thus enabling you to develop innovative strategies and to offer competitive services. You will support your users and customers and add real value to an organization. The knowledge gained in change management and leadership are distinctive factors for the successful implementation of new and innovative services. You will know how to empower your team and that's how you are going to make the difference!


During the master you will acquire many new skills in research, leadership, decision-making, presentation and communication. All in an international environment! Thanks to the contacts with the industry and the research lectorate you immediately become part of a large network of facility and real estate experts.

Make a career?

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